Thursday, December 11, 2008


And oh my, I LOVE it and I don't even know how to work it all that well just yet. I took it out of the box, snapped these of Hunter and Morgan just playing around and with OUT a flash in low lighting I got these....WOW, what a HUGE difference.  I so just got myself all wound up and on fire to find that photography class.  

Thank you honey for my "early" Christmas present.  I love it very much and I love you even more.

This first picture I love both of their expressions, and that Morgan is holding "bubba's" blanket.  He has had that blanky since he was her age and still sleeps with it.  It is down sizing, there is only a small square piece of it left from what it use to be.


This picture I love how Morgan is looking at her brother.  If you could only see or hear what is going on behind those eyes just looking at her big brother with such adoring love.  

Remember just click on any image to zoom in! 

3 Personal Thoughts:


so when are you goona experiment on my girls hummmmmmmmm. that looks awesome and btw we all want to see your crafty tree misty hey that ryhamed.!!! show us will ya and ill show mine!!!!

Jennifer said...

what type of lens did you get?
my husband is making me wait to unwrap mine on Christmas day.
I think mine is the 75-300 lens.

Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

Hi Misty,

My name is Diana and I follow your blog quite often. I am a family friend of Miranda and Chris. I too am a photographer in training, i have quite the ways to even calling myself a photographer but I am working hard. May I ask what kind of lens you got? For my birthday I got a new EOS Cannon 50D, which I love so much. It came with two lenses but I don't think they are very good. Your babies are beautiful and may God continue to bless you life.


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