Friday, September 12, 2008

2 for 2

Okay girls, so last night I made dinner for the family, as well as Val and her daughter.  Val got a new job after a long search after she moved here from Wisconsin a month ago.  

Last night I made Stuff Chicken with Bearnaise Sauce, topped with a little Parsley.  First I started out with a Spring Salad, that included fresh romaine lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, black olives, seasoned salt and vinaigrette italian dressing, tossed lightly!!  (winking) My fancy cooking talk!!! I may have to start my own cooking show soon.... "Misty's 30-Minutes Kitchen".  That is because I like the meals you can cook in 30-minutes!!!  LOL

I set the table because I am all about the "presentation".  So again the candles were lit, plates set up, wine on table and a pitcher of fresh cut lemmon ice water.  

With the Stuff Chicken, the stuffing including fresh chopped apples, chicken stuffing mix with an egg and seasoned salt.  Who knew that "seasoned salt" could do so much to so many different meals??? Then I steamed up some Californian Mix Veggies.  

This time I actually ate my own cooking, and I can say for myself, that it turned out great.  The chicken was nice and tender (juicy, not dry). I had made some mac-n-cheese for the kids, so I enjoyed some of that myself as my side dish, since I do not eat veggies. 

So take a look.

By the way, little Ms. Morgan Paige, sat in her high chair for the first time. So she could feel part of the gang at the dinner table. And she did really well playing with her toys while the adults got to eat dinner. 

4 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

A few things:

1. I CANNOT belive you don't eat vegetables!!!! Are you an alien? And do you have any idea what you're missing out on? I will say what every woman is thinking when reading this post "NOT FAIR."

2. I want the recipe to the chicken and the stuffing because it sounds and looks delicious.

3. I read somewhere that it's a great idea to put your infant in the highchair during family dinner time so they get the idea. I never got around to it because Charlie never sat in peace but I'm adoring little Morgan for it.

4. So, so very proud of you for giving this cooking thing at home another go. Your hubby must be in heaven right now. And don't be afraid to ask Hunter to at least try the dishes you make - he might like them!


Awesome Misty another great meal + prestention. A+
and I agree with Daniella no veggies not fair, at least try them there are some real good ones out there. and it is hight in iron.

I was giving them to gabby and then was to emma but just haven't in a while and we had a scare when the Docs office called and said that Emmy might be anemic. so scary we have to have her tested next week again

meaning not enough iron. so back to veggies .

Thats great to include Morgan if shes up to it~ start the new misty family dinner night.

keep it up girl Iam so happy for you.

soon you can have dinner parties where every one makes a dish and brings the recipes to exchange with other people of your party and you can learn taste and try something new! its fun I have been invited to one. well take care keep it up like I SAID before you will have the mistys minuet meals reasl soon.

start getting your resume ready the the food net work lol

hey if your that good you might get your own show.

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Ha! You need to watch Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals on the Foodnetwork..or just go to the foodnetwork website and search by host. All of her meals can be made in 30 minutes or less and they are really good!!

The Haynes Family said...

Great meal! Love the pictures, I'm STARVING! :) Morgan looks so much like Hunter did when he was a baby in this picture of her in the high chair!
Keep up the "good" cooking! Maybe you'll start to inspire me to get in the kitchen! :)
It's beginning to rub off.....

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