Thursday, October 2, 2008

I found it - MY NEW HAIR CUT!

Now that I had this surgery and will need to hide my scar for a little bit, what better time to find a new and fabulous hair style!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do my usual short cut I do every two years, or just find a style.  I found this last night in a hairstyle magazine and I think I am going to go with this. Cut a few inches off my length now, add tons more layers with some long bangs, add some low-lites and then wa-la, we have Carrie Underwoods hair. 

And I have to say that this is the prettiest I think I have seen her look.  She looks gorgeous in these pictures.  Now let's home I can look just piece of sexiness as she does with this hair, and that it does its job by protecting my scar from the sun.

What do you think? Is it for me?

3 Personal Thoughts:


omg thats funny i found that picture in the magzine and thats what inspired me to want to grow and cut my hair, thats why i was asking and looking for some one that can do the job well, i want to get those long bangs, i have that picture on the refg. funny my hair isnt that long altough i want to get it cut going in that shape. iam not blond either so brown will do but i love those bangs and that is style, seems every one is looking for a change and something new, so when i called my girl for years at the salon they said its her last day she will be refering clients to other people but as picky as i am i have seen and not liked some of the ways they cut. so on the market after 4 years looking for someone. i was shocked with the different prices these days i mean it is only hair, but a good friend, mother, husband said no worries you meaning me do not go that often i can get a cut and then wait atleat 6 months to go back, shocking i know, but its not a weekly expense so its all good. but back to you misty i think this will look awesome on you go and get it done!!! it will make you feel so good and pretty that is all that matters and take pictures for us to all see.... your crazy beautiful dont need to worry!!! ok :)


the second one looks like one of your shots so you !! very posh!!

Melanie said...

Hello... I have been reading thru your blog lately and just have been blessed reading about you... I started a blog recently to write out my journey since I miscarried and now we are trying again. BTW I love this style of hair for you! I think you would look marvelous (You already are!) May the Lord heal you and a speedy recovery! I have added myself to follow your blog. I hope you don't mind! If you do please let me know! ~Melanie~

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