Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

I took some amazing and beautiful pictures of 'Butterfly' again.  Isn't she lovely? These shots were taken in a matter of 5 minutes tops. I got her dressed to go on our bike ride, while daddy did his run.  She looked so adorable sitting there waiting on us to head out the door.  The camera was right there, so I couldn't resist. I quickly grabbed it, snapped a few and ran out the door.  Came back home and I wowed myself..... or maybe that beautiful face is what really "wowed" me. 

Morgan just learned to sit herself up this week.  Which means we have reached 3 major milestones in a matter of a week.  

1.  Morgan learned to sit up all by herself from laying down to up.  And while she had done this, she has learned to do it while in a half split.  My future cheerleader, dancer or something girl!!! 

2.  She is learning to crawl.  Today, she crawled straight to me without giving up or laying herself down.

3.  She is nibbling on teething cookies, and doing a really good job with them.  This is her first REAL solid food, outside of the jar foods.  She is a natural at using her back gums and gnawing at the cookies and breaking down any pieces in her mouth before swallowing.  

Way to go Butterfly!

Where is Hunter?

Yea, I know, I haven't posted about him since Christmas.  I miss him A LOT.  His dad and I rotate holidays, so he gets the second half of winter recess. Hunter has been with his dad since the day after Christmas.  I get him back in my arm and home on Monday after school and then we are back on the normal schedule.  While with his dad, they traveled to Estero, Florida for a hockey tournament.  They went undefeated and won the championship. The Jr. Panthers Mites first tournament win.  Hunter scored 3 goals and his dad was kind enough to text me a picture of my proud boy holding the winning cup. 

Way to go Boo! 

9 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

We almost went to that tournament in Estero (which is where I took the kids ice skating yesterday). We were there last night for an Everblades game too.
Such a small world, I tell ya.

Great pics of Morgan. She's quite the ham these days.
Just wait till she starts walking sista!
Nice trophy Hunter! Way to go!

Elizabeth said...

just beautiful! i'm so glad i found your blog! what kind of camera do you use?

The Thompson's said...

Way to go Hunter! You da MAN!!!!

Tiffany said...

Misty, those are gorgeous pics! You're so incredibly talented and creative. How do you do it ALL? Seriously, I'm doing very beginner photography, learning digital scrapbooking through PSE, blogging and trying to learn how to "Beef" up my blog, selling a house to move across country (oh,'re not moving, but I'm certain you wouldn't slow down a bit either!). You have to impart some superwoman wisdom! I know your driving force. He is mine, too.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hello Misty! My name is Diana(I`m 29) from Romania, I`m married for almost 6 year and no kids yet!(I`m not a blogger) but I`m glad I found your blog. I`ve been reading your blog for about 4 months and i`ve been praying,smiling and enjoying your posts.You may not even imagine how God is using you in your readers lives, but I`m one of them.God bless you and your beautiful family.I would love to interact with you more, but for the moment I just wanted to introduce myself.Love, Diana my email adress

Aspiemom said...

Those pics of Morgan are so precious! She's going to be a great model like her mom some day.

Yeah, Hunter!

Courtney said...

Woo-hoo! Go Hunter! That kid is amazing! And Morgan is just as beautiful as her mommy. Look out, boys! :)


daniella said...

What a way to seize opportunity! It's true, no one look their best while "posing" (unless their name is Misty Rice :-).

LOVE the half split. She's already taking after her mama in so many ways. With both parents pretty tall, for sure she'll either be a dancer or model... or just a really hot corporate executive.

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

What a sweetie! I'm one of the I Heart Faces co-founders and just wanted to say thanks for helping us spread the word:-) Good luck in the giveaway! Looking forward to seeing your photos and getting to know you. Your blog is great:-)

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