Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because I know you want to know...

What hubby's hidden Valentines gift was.

He got a nice clock for his office. 
A bottle of red wine. 
A movie with his 'man crush' (Jason Sathem) in it.
And a little valentines card with these little coupon tickets, to use.  

~One Backrub
~Romantic Dinner
~Movie Night
~Secret Fantasy
~Bubble Bath

How is that for a manly, masculine Valentines gift ladies and gentlemen? 

Kids:  I had Valentines gifts waiting for the kids outside of the hotel door the morning of V-day for them to wake up to.  

Hunter, woke to a hand held Yahtzee game toy and a mini sling shot with foam balls and a card.

Morgan got a red teddy bear and a card.  


Well, I got a really cool gift surprise from my honey that was waiting for me when I got home from Chicago last night.  I WILL share with you, but can't until the time is right. However, it was very sweet, very thoughtful and a very big surprise.  I can't share details yet...... but I will.  

We had a great Valentines!!!

4 Personal Thoughts:

Lea Liz said...

That was a good man gift!! I wanna know what you got!! Thanks for the idea with the ultrasound pictures!! I bet that was awesome to be able to capture the c-section!!

Anonymous said...

Love Menage A Trois red wine!!.It's my favorite Red right now...and what a bargain price. Try the white..it's yummy too. Enjoy your blog...what a beautiful family.

Jennifer said...

oh come on...
what did ya get?

daniella said...

Are you human? To travel, schedule blog posts, and do gifts for everyone, and make it look like it was "nothing"? You're my hero.

I'm soooo coppying your man gifts next year! I got Josh clothes. Yeah, aren't I romantic? Lord help us.

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