Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today is a BEAUTIFUL day and a GREAT day.  Beautiful, because the weather outside these last couple of days....MY FAVORITE! Great, because....

1. Morgan has a runny nose and is a bit fussy today, but she is here with me and I love her so much.

2. Hunter gets back from Atlantis tomorrow. He has been there for the last 4 days on spring break with his daddy. I love him so much.

3.  My husband still has his job, and we are doing really great in our marriage and as a family.  I love him so much. 

4.  My two kitties are still full of life, and I love them so much. 

5.  God continues to bless me every day, and I am LOVED by HIM and by my husband, my kids, my kitties in return. 

Today is a great day!!!  

I also wanted to add another reason today is a great day.  For all the babies on my prayer blog roll to the left here, I read all their blogs today and plus one I read via email. All had good reports today.  God is giving all these families and children a HUGE sign of hope today.  Go God!!! 


I thought these pictures were cute of her looking at herself in the mirror and giving herself some "kiss-kisses."

Mirror....Mirror....on the wall....
Quietly tell me who is the fairest of them all?..
What's that? Look deep into my eyes and tell me again.... 
Oh mirror, you are so wonderful .... let me give you a "kiss-kiss"
And I couldn't resist some yummy little feet! 

3 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

Great post, Misty!
Precious pictures of Morgan...prettyu little thing!

As you know, the mirror never lies!

Courtney and the Boys said...

I love it when people are grateful for the things in their lives, especially when it could be so easy to focus on the not-so-great things. I try to see the world through those same glasses and be aware of all the little blessings. Good for you. :)

LOVE the pictures...what precious moments that will pass by all to fast.


Anonymous said...

I love the mirror photos, so precious!

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