Thursday, March 5, 2009

Morgan was voted president of the pen.

This weekend Hunter had a ton of sports taking place, including a couple of baseball games.  While the players have to arrive an hour before the game for warm up, the parents and siblings are often left to just hang out.  Unlike yesterday here in Florida with this cold front we are having, Saturday was a really nice, but warm day.  A typical day here.  I knew it was going to be a long couple of hour for baby girl and so I thought I would bring her portable playpen, a really soft blanket and a couple of toys and snacks to keep the princess amused and happy.  When I arrived at the field, there seriously were not any shade spots around, EXCEPT for this small little patch right behind the players bench.  

I laid down the blanket to provide a soft floor like surface for her hands and knees. Set up the playpen and toys.  

She was very content, getting lots of attention and a lot of people would walk by and say she had the best seat in the house.  That's my girl!!

Another family arrived and they brought with them one of those portable stand up shade tent things.  One big enough to sit chairs and coolers etc. underneath it.  They offered up a spot for me to sit and also place Morgan's playpen under it.  They didn't have to offer it up twice to me.  

So, I moved Morgan over to her new location, getting all settled in for Hunters game.  As other families arrived, Morgan slowly started making friends.

This is Morgan pretty content in her own space! 

See, I am totally content mama!
The first location behind players bench.
But things started to change..... 
as Morgan was minding her own business..
A couple of friends came along. 
It was cute. They were are all girls and only a couple of months apart
from one another (them 14 months - Morgan 10 months, they are walking, Morgan crawling)

Right now things are not that bad. Having friends can be fun....

But then before we know it we had a playpen FULL of  5 little girls.

Morgan started to get a little ticked off because the bigger girls
 (only bigger by age by the way),
where taking her toys and not giving them back to her.

Morgan and this other little girl fought a good minute over this girls teddy bear.  She would take Morgan's toys and pull them away from her, and keep them from Morgan. Morgan didn't mind that part.  What she did mind was that this girl was not sharing her own teddy bear, and well Morgan said "I am president of this crib and I want that teddy."

The war was on, the tears and screams came into play.... finally, we took Morgan out of her own pen and let the other girls enjoy the shade for a bit.  It was cute.  All the big brothers where out playing baseball, and half the team literately has young baby sisters age from 10 months - 16 months.  They were all about the same height, including Morgan.  All walking, except for Morgan, and Morgan being the youngest.  

All the moms thought it was a big hit and loved the playpen, so I guess I will be bringing it back again. 


Here I am at my sons baseball game and not one picture of him.  

 I know, I know... let me explain! 

I specifically took my camera to take pictures of Hunter.  However, once I got there I realized I rather shoot a night game, when you have the field lights on and the grass and red sand pop out.  The sun was so bright and harsh, it just wouldn't have done justice to shoot any pics that day.  So I will shoot a night this week when we have an evening game.  Hunter did however hit a home-run this game!!! They played the #1 team, were winning the entire game, until the last inning in which they got in 2 runs on our boys.  It was a great game though, and with the scare we gave that other team.... the word is getting out and our "Stars" are becoming the talk in the 8U League. 

2 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

How much does Morgan weigh? She DOES look as big as the other girls. But big as she is, she's even cuter.

Morgan, you tell em who's the boss!

GamecockQueen said...

What a GREAT mom you are!

I sometimes have a hard time remembering to pack everything for my chihuahua on trips to her grandmother's house. Then my mom asks me "what kind of mother forgets kibble?" LOL....

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