Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me, Monday!

Seriously folks?

Would you really believe me if I told you that is was not me that arrived to my son's baseball game, to have my 11 month old daughters diaper explode out and through her entire outfit?

No, that wasn't me.  

I did not only bring 1 diaper and wipes with me, and nothing else (no extra change of clothes, sunblock or diapers).  It was not my daughter that you saw in the men's room with not one, but two men (hubby and sons coach) doubling up as a team to get little girl out of pooped outfit without getting it in her hair. While I did not walk around to ask if other moms there had an extra outfit I could borrow.  Do you think they would want to let me borrow an outfit after seeing what just happened to my own daughters? 

It then was not me, in the women's bathroom, hand bathing my daughter in a very tiny sink with soap and cold water, to get that rancid smell off her back and bum.  It also was not my poor Butterfly sitting out on the ground, in what little shade there was, in only a diaper, knee pads and shoes.  

But it was my daughter that looked like the happiest kid at the game!!!  That other kid (the one in the picture) ..... poor child... so was not my child!!! 

While I was out taking photographs of the team the entire game, it was not my husband and daughter that fell asleep in a chair to not realize that the shade was no longer covering them. Causing my Butterfly to have come home with her first little sunburn.  It so was not me. 

PS:  Yes, a nice mom had her husband bring a dress for Morgan to wear so she didn't have to sit the entire game like this.  She was totally content being half naked though, and she also did fall asleep on daddy during the game, to have come home with a slight sunburn on her face and arms.  She isn't complaining though.  

Oh days like this ..... what can you do, but smile!!!! 

6 Personal Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Those diaper explosions are the worst! There's nothing you can do but start from the bare bottom like you did. She's adorable though!


oh sister been there done that . thank good ness there was someone thoughtful and helpful to help you ladies out there . lol. so sorry thats true all you can do is laugh huh. been there know how you felt. glad butterfly was ok with the slight change. she is cute diaper only or a dres adorable .

daniella said...

blowouts are the best, aren't they? To this day I carry an extra outfit in the car at all times, and not because of the blowouts (anymore) but because now she spills stuff on herself or decides that the spaghetti sauce is lotion and will rub it all over herself.

I'm sure a little sunburn only gave her better coloring :-)

Oh, and Charlie really does have hair! It's just that it's all in the back of her head. Yes, she totally has a mullet but I love it.

Aspiemom said...

You'll have a great story to tell Morgan when she's older. About the diaper explosion at the ballgame and getting her first sunburn!

Simply Sara said...

Bahahaha....yes, unfortunately I am all too familiar with the blowouts- at least you had a team of helpers :)
And, it does make for a good story to tell her when she has kids of her own!
She looks so cute in her little kneepads :)

Just wanted to let you know your blog is absolutely beautiful- I LOVE your photography!
I also love the name of your blog. It was my mom's favorite song and was played at her funeral too. Every time I hear it I'm reminded of her :)

Jennifer said...

Blow outs are only temporary!
She'll "outgrow" them in the next month or two!

I got my blog roll thingy to work! Thanks for the how-to!

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