Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ooh and Ahh....

And no I am not talking about these guys.  Disney's TV host "Ooh and Ahh" the monkeys. 

I am saying "ooh and ahh" for my oh so ever growing talent of blogs, codes and .coms ~ oh my!

This change in time has either really thrown me off, or the fact that Hunter is on spring break with daddy, I am getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning. I found myself with my second wind tonight and couldn't go to sleep. I was too caught up in figuring out how to turn a blog into a 3 column template.  I tried MANY times before a couple of days ago, following different 'how to' sites, to only end up with a backache from hunching over my computer starring at html coding for hours and disappointment of failure.  

However, when I get my mind on something like this, I am determined one way or another to figure it out.  By the way did I ever mention to you that I was the only girl in my shop class in high school?  Yes, that should say something.  I love to make things, figure out things and learn things.  Always have. So tonight I got busy and tried again with the html stuff and I made my first 3 column layout.  Check out my photography blog HERE. I am so proud of myself.  Yea, Me!! But come back over here and finish reading this post, silly! 

Speaking of photography and or blogs.... 

Another someth'n-someth'n I did all on my own.  I also captured my own domains and figured out how to redirect or sub host (as the computer geeks call it) my blog domains for shorter and more easy slash professional URL/Domain names.

My Photography Blog address used to be ~ Now its simply ---- Oohh!!!! 

Of course I would figure it out now, after I contacted a professional to redesign this blog into sometime more professional and attractive.  So in about a month, I should have the new look to my photography blog.  Stay tuned. 

My Family Blog (the blog you are on now, just in case you didn't know - ha!).  That address used to be  Now come on.  As unique as that may be, can you imagine how annoying that gets to try and tell someone my blog address?  Yea, not fun! 

Now my blog address is ---- Ahhh!!! 

So now I have these 3 sites: (website) ~ Professional Website (personal photography blog) ~ Personal Blog to display photos. (personal family blog) ~ Personal Blog of inside mine and my families life. 

Come now, say it loud, say it clear, say it proud ...... OOH!!!!  AHHH!!! Only at mattress giant......  Oh wait... come back brain! 

4 Personal Thoughts:

Aspiemom said...

You seem very good at picking up all of this computer stuff! You've taught yourself so much and your blog looks great! (Of course, all of your pretty pictures help!)

Jennifer said...

darn girl, how on earth are you going to keep up with three sites?
I'll give you an ooh ahh for that!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Woot! Woot!

The first thing I did when I saw you had posted this six hours ago was say "Why in the world was she up at 2 am?" But I know you and your determination. :) The photo blog looks AWESOME! Good for you, friend. I'm so proud of you, AND so impressed that you have your own domains (or whatever they're called). Be proud!


Megan Sommer said...

ok, im confused... is wind beneath my wings and are they the same blog?

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