Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me, Monday! (is back) With tons of fun photos!

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Not Me, Monday is back.  Why?  Because we are getting back to normal since Stellan is back home and we have so much to be thankful for.  I always enjoy the Not Me, Monday's. So here is mine. 

We had a very fun weekend.  It was pretty eventful actually.  Between baseball games, water parks, pool and birthday party.  We were a busy little family.  

However, it was NOT me that about puked in the pool, while I was floating Morgan around, because of what I just so did not really witness.  I did not see this over weight man, sitting in a speedo with these sailor anchors all over it, up on the ledge of the rocks and waterfall.  While his belly didn't look as though he was 20 months pregnant, he so was not leaning his head back to allow the water fall to run down over his face and body, as if he was posing for Sports Illustrated.  And I swear (although, I normally don't!) the water that was running down over his face and his 20 month pregnant looking belly, his very own belly button so did NOT make its own water fall of it's own.  Sigh! What do people think sometimes!!! 

It so was not me, that almost puked in the pool.  

While trying to get that image out of my head.... and now yours too.  Here are some better appealing pictures for your view from our fun weekend.

Let's start with Friday night.  

We had a group of 7 adults get together for dinner and bowling.  We did eat at Benihana's as I mentioned in my last post.  Although, I have to be honest here folks. This was my first time to experience a Benihana's, and I didn't really like it. The flavor wasn't very tasteful on all their dish items.  The steak was a bit dry and the shrimp a bit chewing.  I was so looking forward to dinner that night, only to have left with disappointment that it wasn't as good as I heard it to be.  


Afterwards, we headed off to bowling, only to be told there was an hour wait.  WHAT??

As it turned out, to the left side of the place, they had a 'bowling league' going on, so although there were about 10 open lanes. They were not allowed to place guest there on that side, so the very serious league bowlers could concentrate. Please!!!

So, we left and headed to another one that was sort of out in the ghetto.  We didn't care, we just wanted to bowl.  We ended up bowling for an hour and had a great time.  

It totally was NOT ME, that bowled a whopping 44.  Not Me! 

After bowling and it being Val's birthday, and the fact that I got my friend Susan out with me for the night to get her mind off the recent loss of her mother last.  We decided to go karaoke.  Val, the karaoke queen, lead the way to this hole in the wall bar that she had visited once before.  

And when I say "hole in the wall".... we ain't mess'n around folks.  You walk in and it's the size of a small bus.  When you walk in, you have to put on a gas mask just to breath and see through all the cigarette smoke.  It was that awful.  

We were all so shocked that we were actually in such a place. However, birthday girl Val REALLY wanted to sing, and Mark whom has says he also likes to Karaoke, but I have yet to hear or see him do it once in all the years I have known him, also wanted to sing.  So we figured we would stay long enough to let them get in their one song each.  

As we are all standing around and standing OUT in this crowd.  Mark and Val search the books for their song to sing.  While waiting, others that are already lined up to sing start singing.  WOW!  Is all I can say. You wouldn't think by looking at most of these folks, in such a small hole in the wall kind of place....these people rocked out some vocals.  I was totally impressed and caught up in "awe" almost like the popular you tube video of the British American Idol, where Simon and the other judges, when shocked and amazed by that little old lady that sang "I Dreamed a Dream".  Is that the name of that song?  I can't remember.  

I am very vocally challenged.  I am toned death I think.  I can't carry a tune to save my life.  But man get me home on my own rock band and I will score in the high 90's even 100% on the mic (and I am talking about experienced and expert level here too).  

Also while sitting there waiting for Val and Mark's turn, this lady and her group of folks came up to me and the other girls to introduce herself.  She said we looked like 'cool' people and wanted to invite us over to join her group of 'cool people'.  We smiled and accepted, trying to 'fit in' (which so wasn't possible in this place).  We figured, these are nice folks, and we are nice folks so lets make some friends.  So, I go over and introduce myself to the other 'cool people' and you can tell that they where either drunk or stoned out of their minds, with missing teeth, blood shot eyes and bottles of beer piled up on the table.  Trying to not judge, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are just good old folks here to have a good time like the rest of us.  

All was going okay for the first 15 minutes, when all of the sudden the girl that brought us all together, walks up to me and says; "my old man just bet me $25.00 that I couldn't get a kiss from you."  WHAT THE??? 

So, I try to play it cool because the last thing I want right now is to tick anyone off in this bar, although I don't really think anyone would want to mess with us considering the size of the men that walked in the door with us, and the one short guy in our group is an ex champion fighter.  I am talking about extreme cage fighting champion.  Then again, lets reference to the aforementioned, these folks probably were stoned, drunk or cracked up on something. They probably wouldn't be able to make any rational decisions even if they wanted to.  

So to play it cool and not cause a fuss... I just said kindly to the girl "man I think you just lost $25.00 bucks girl." Because there was NO WAY in BLANK.... that I was allowing that 'bet' to take place.  GROSS!!!!  What do people think sometimes??? 

I mean, seriously??

Lets just say we were smothering in smoke and weird folk, so we couldn't wait it out any longer for Val and Mark to get up and sing.  We were out of there and home for the night.  This was such a reminder why we don't go out nor need to go out to clubs.  It's just not fun.  Don't get me wrong, we had a great time Friday night. Bars are not fun! 

Get home, we pay the sitters and off to bed smelling like an ashtray.  Nice! 

Hang on, I am getting to the pictures.... its my blog, so I can ramble all I want here.  Remember that!   HA! 

Saturday morning we get up and decided it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  While Morgan and I rode the bike, daddy jogged beside us.  We love this stuff.  

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(My man and my girl! I love them so much!)

However, when daddy got back, he was seeing dead relatives it was that hot out, and his knee started to hurt really bad.  Quickly putting ice on it, baby girl goes over to check him out and give daddy's 'boo-boo' a big kiss.  I told you she is so sweet and loving.  Love this girl.  

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Notice her adorable piggy's?  Remember THIS post, the very first time I ever put piggy's in her hair?  (Must see and compare!) This is now the second time I have done this and I can't get over how much fuller and longer they are.  Her hair seems to be getting longer by the day and fast. So stink'in cute.  

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After lunch Morgan and I head down south to Hunter-Bunter's baseball game. It was a bit of a drive.  We get there and man was it HOT.  There was no shade provided, other than this little shade canopy that one of the other parents brought that allowed for Morgan and I to hang out under.  When we left we are black from all the dirt, had shoes full of grass and dirt.  Sweaty, gross and hot.  Couldn't wait to get back home and in a nice cool bath/shower.  Put baby girl down for a nap and chilled for the rest of the evening. 

Sunday, another nice and beautiful morning.  We agreed on going to the pool for an hour before heading to church at a later service, then off to a birthday party.  Here are some pictures from the pool and birthday party.

This picture is of her little set up, while daddy was relaxed and read a book.  

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I took Morgan over to check out the kids water play area for the first time and she loved it.  

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Then daddy joined us in the pool and this normally happens.  


Baby girl had such a good time she couldn't even stay awake in the car ride home of less than a half mile down the street.  

We dressed up like twinkies, heading to the birthday party. My shirt says "love" and Morgan's says "I heart Me".  This was the best picture possible when I am trying to get Morgan to look at the camera, and while directing daddy, one of the few people I know that just doesn't understand how to work a camera or take pictures period.... this was as good as it got. 

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In this picture she was standing for the longest time yet.  She actually walked at this party.  Now we just have to get her to keep walking.  She is SO close!!!! 

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Then while I was at it here with posting all the pictures.  Here are some pictures I took this morning of her getting to know her new potty chair. 

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10 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

I rolled in my chair laughing at the "25 dollar bet". Wow. How could you pass up on making out with someone missing their teeth? What a shame :-)

Morgan looks super cute with her pigtails. Her hair is so much fuller and even longer than Charlie's! My girl will come around one of these days.

The day at the pool looks divine. Oh what I would do for weather like that right now...

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love Love Love the Puma tennis shoes. Just googled those...have to have them!

Following Him said...

I so rolled out of my chair on a few things...the bet, kissing daddy's boo boo, and the peace shirt! Seriously looks like you guys had a fun weekend/week!

GamecockQueen said...

I can't believe that woman asked you for a kiss! I've been in a place like that before, you run into all sorts of "gems" LOL...

I must say, you can really think on your feet to say "I think you just lost $25" b/c I think I may have been speechless!

You and Morgan look like you should be in a catalog in your twin outfits!! Gorgeous :-D

The Rice's said...

my tenative due date is the 8th of September, but the baby is measuring a week behind. So my doc my move my due date and I should find out next week. Because the baby was measuring small the tech wasnt able to say for sure but she thinks girl!

Anonymous said...

I am so tone deaf that my kids actually beg me to stop singing if I ever start!

Aspiemom said...

I can't believe how Morgan has gone from the "baby look" to the "toddler look." It seems like it happened over night. ALL of your pictures are just great!

I had to laugh about that man at the pool and his belly. How nasty! My son wants to know why all of the people he sees on motorcycles are very fat...

The area you live in looks so beautiful - especially that pool! You are very fortunate!

Hope Mark's knee is better!


oh my I too was rolling in my chair laughing that was something else i tell you great thinking on your part so smart mommy what a cookie they were i'm sure swine flu and so forth germs and the fack yewh gross bless her though she was tring to arn her keep . so what did they sing and did mark rock or what lol the man who at first refused to bounce in the childrens bounce house and then man you all had a blast and i have the amazing shots to prove it ....

love morgan cute ways her clothes look so cute and wow those kisses are price less great capture. Gabby and emma want to come to your pool ( water pool) when emme saw the pic she ran for her bathingsuite too cute .

well i laughed so hard need to fix the makeup and finish soem chores taking emma to teh park later she is begging me .

thanks for the e-mail i was looking at that go daddy . it turns out that the domain that I'm getting the site down with is gonna include it as well.

. Becca . said...

Hey Misty!

Thanks for following my blog :) Your family is beautiful!

When I logged on to your blog, the song Memories of Us started playing, and of COURSE it made me cry like a big baby. I've been SOOOOO into that song lately (my husband is deployed) and hearing it so randomly was such a nice surprise!

Can't wait to read more!

Misty said...

Hey Misty! Love your name! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and add my family to your prayers. I will keep your friends in mine as well. Great blog and gorgeous family! Glad to meet you! Always good to have another blogging buddy!

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