Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me, Monday! (Perfect, Mother's Day!)

You know the drill.  My Monday posts, I get to tell you all about the things that I did didn't do.  

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I absolutely did not have the most perfect Mother's Day a girl could ask for.  I am being serious here.  I didn't wake up to both my boys making me a nice southern hot breakfast, that included eggs, crispy bacon, biscuts, gravy and home fries.  (Mmmmm....... Oh wait, yea that didn't happen.)


It also was not me that got greeted with smiles from all my favorite people, along with some beautiful flowers, a poem, a song, four cards and a gift Visa card, so that I could go shopping for Mother's Day.  (Sweet!.....wait, that didn't happen either.)


Of course I surely did not witness my Butterfly take more and more steps without help today. She is no way close to walking.  (Whoo-hoo!..... you got it, that didn't happen either.)

Wouldn't that be nice and a pretty good day alone, if any of that actually happened?  Too bad it didn't happen or it would have been a pretty darn good Mother's Day.

But wait.  


It totally was not me and my family of four, that then, full belly's and all, at nine something in the morning, still in pj's, that was jamming out on Rock Band.  In which I totally rocked!  (Nah!....It was not me!)


Oh and by the way, it so was NOT ME that got a back massage just before getting left alone to take a THREE HOUR NAP.  (JACK POT!..... yea, if that actually happened in which is so didn't.)

I mean seriously, could you imagined what a perfect day that would have been?  

Think about this.  

After that THREE HOUR NAP (had I really taken one, that is).  I woke to Butterfly sitting in her playpen, in the middle of the garage, jamming out to some Pearl Jam with daddy, while he washed MY car???  (AAAHHHH.... wake me up, because we know that didn't happen.)

Pinch me please.  


Because, I also patted myself on the back for my one day of cleaning up pee after pee on my floors, got rid of my daughters pesky diaper rash in one day.  

And it so was not me who then found out, that after sitting in the heat and a unknown 3rd poopy diaper with daddy today in the garage,  that pesky diaper rash came back (and 3x worse).

And truthfully it was NOT ME, that discovered her poopy diaper by accidentally putting my figure inside of um...the mess, while trying to pull out her diaper wedge, she almost always seems to get if daddy puts on her diaper.  (GROSS!... yes, it would be. Im so glad that was not me.)


It also wasn't me that cleaned out a stinky litter box, because my two old boys are getting lazy at covering up their, um.... 'mess'. While it was not me cleaning up poop from cats, and both poop and pee from a toddler with a diaper rash etc.  I am just thankful that I also didn't have to walk into the house to see cat puke on my kitchen floor and a little girl standing in the living area on my nice shaggy rug, looking down at the pee running down her legs.  (Wiping Forehead.... so thankful that was not me!) 

After all it's Mother's Day, I don't have to do "mothering" things today, right? (Not Me!)


To end such a perfect Mother's Day.  My family DID go to church, and with out any planning at all, everyone (but me) came out wearing pink tops.  I know, pretty cute right? I thought so anyways.  


After hearing a rock'in message at church, baby girl didn't come out of her daycare class with a missing hair bow.  (Darn it!..... I mean that would really stink if that had happened.)

But we did decide to eat at Carrabba's for dinner.  In which baby girl did learn to color for the first time, instead of eating the crayons.  Also, while it being her first time to have her own real dinner plate ordered for her to eat from.  It was so cute watching her color and eat her own dish.  She is getting to be such a big girl.

While my big boy, was being such a BIG boy....sneaking off now and then to go sit at the bar to sneak in Vodka drinks the score of the Bruins game on the TV.  (Oh and peppermints too!)

Getting to enjoy a nice italian meal with my family on Mother's Day, it however, was NOT ME that took my daughter into the bathroom to change her diaper and check on her rash; only to discover that her diaper was on backwards.  I mean who would do that?  Or, what kind of church do I attend here?  (Thats pretty funny!..... to think that could have happened, but didn't.)


Getting home a little after nine, honey goes out to clean the windows on the car (again) because on the way home the windows looked as though you were looking through a kaleidoscope.  (Oh wait,.....yea, that didn't happen because as I already said, honey so did not wash my car. You are finally catching on here.)

Finally, getting baby girl down for the night.  It was NOT ME, that dressed her bed up in layers, while laying a towel across my lap, to have fed her a bedtime bottle with a bare bottom, so she could sleep naked, to fight that pesky diaper rash.  (Right! Right! are quick and smart.  Of course that didn't happen, I got rid of that rash in one day last week, remember?) 

Just making sure you are keeping track of all the things that DID or DIDN'T happen, and all the so "NOT ME's!!!"

Do you agree that because of all those things that could have happened, (but, obviously didn't) made a PERFECT MOTHER'S DAY???


However, I am VERY disappointed to say, actually I am not disappointed because it so was NOT ME that didn't take one-single-photo today of my kids, my family or me with my family, on this PERFECT MOTHER'S DAY.  Ugh!!! It was not me! (Sigh!.....Banging head on table, wall and anything hard I can find.)


Not to worry, I would not do that to YOU.  I would not think about writing such a picture-less post.  

So instead, because I needed a reason to post these anyways.  I am giving you some adorable bare naked bottom shots of Morgan, being ever so cute with her chunky and delicious thunder thighs baby rolls, that I took the other day, trying to get rid of this pesky diaper rash she has had. 


Okay, I'm busted.  Anything I said so didn't happen, SO DID.  And even so, it still was absolutely the most PERFECT MOTHER'S DAY....EV--RRRRHHH!!!!

{Morgan LOVES to go into her bubba's room when he is at school, to play with his cars, baseballs and books.  So, while I was hoping and praying she didn't pee on his carpet, after being so fortunate all day that the two times she did pee, she peed on the hard floor that was easy to clean up. I decided to take some photos of her bare bum. Its not often I get to actually see it all exposed and so cute, other than giving her a bath or changing her diaper. I had so many cute ones, but chose the PG-rated 'safe' ones to share with all of you. If that's even fair to say, after all I am exposing my precious little girls naked bum.}

Hope all you moms had your own Perfect Mother's Day! 

12 Personal Thoughts:

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Glad you had a good Mothers Day.....

I love your posts....Have a great week.


sopunds like a dream pinch me that all would not be exciting at all. too exciting for me.

ok diaper rash cure .

you can get this in walmart back by the baby products it is called triple paste and it is by teh destien and man does it work it is a thick white base cream and i tell you emme this weekend as well had a bit of a rash cause all weekend she was drinking homemade juice and well it was differet and teh oj was not watered down and a bit strong any way that caused the effect and amn did this work the peds office reconmended it and man i would never use anything else. go grab one of those tubes it will help trust me.

your day sounded wonderful... i'm so excited for you glad you had a special day you deserve it . all us mommies deserve a day of r & r right .

Elizabeth said...

A three hour nap would be so nice! Those are the days I sometimes miss:)

daniella said...

If it wasn't for moments like these - even on Mother's Day (our day off) - than we wouldn't be mothers, would we?

And look at the bright side, at least you saved on diapers! Or not. I remember between 12 and 16 months Charlie had the exact same problem. I didn't let her run around naked because I don't have your patience. Hang in there, it will pass. I was told the many gooey diapers are because molars are getting ready to come out. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened!

P.S. I'm counting down the days to our FL trip. Can't wait to see you! Let me know of the dates you and Mark decided on so we can book our tix.

Claire said...

What cute piccies! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!


Love Mom said...

Loved your post. Sounds like you didn't have a great day (*wink*).

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day recap on a Not Me Monday! Glad you enjoyed your special day!

Following Him said...

What a sweetheart! Hope that Diaper rash goes away soon! Love your NMM! It actually sounds like you are talking to me...priceless! Glad your Mother's Day was a success!

Amy said...

I keep thinking of Butterfly with her longer hair and all the bows you get to use now, and I have been meaning to send you this link to one of the blogs I follow. She makes bows and ALL kinds and has some really cute ones for her lil' one whose a lil' younger than Morgan for her albinismn cause. This is her home business as she's a SAHM and you can find the link on her blog! You can order Butterfly some really cute bows and bands here!

Aspiemom said...

What an adorable little butt she has! I love those pictures!

Mark was certainly thinking about YOU and what he could do to pamper YOU on Mother's Day. How personal and thoughtful! (Does he do seminars???)

* April's Mom * said...

Hi Misty... I finally wanted to comment and just say thank you. You are an encouragement to me. Every time I read a comment left by you, I want to respond! (It is often the lack of time, that hinders me!) - Yours are always helpful. Thank you for that.

I loved what you said about a book title. Oh, maybe one day!

And, I love your blog... Now you have another reader.

B Maegan said...

omg that little tushie!

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