Friday, May 15, 2009





PS:  I cut my hair again today.  A little shorter, with tons of layers now.  I may go back Monday and go even SHORTER!!!!  

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Following Him said...

SERIOUSLY...just the laugh I needed! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL... cute! By the way... do you always schedule two hair appointments at a time?! It seems you always go twice! ;-) Show pics of the new hair!

I'm glad u found your way to the blog. To be honest, It's a little bit of a beating having it "private"... we'll see if it lasts long.


what ? what di you do let's see pictures missy .


how do you do that with out a picture you broke rule 1145 of the blogging rules

ahem picture please .

Aspiemom said...

That's so cute! She looks a little guilty, doesn't she?

Show us a picture of you with your haircut!

Matt, Joy and Ryder said...

Welcome to the story of my life! I have figured out how to put the paper on the roll so he can't unroll it...still haven't figured out how to keep him out of the toilet. I tried the locks, but he just broke them off! She is too cute, though!

Jennifer said...

that's too funny!

Where's pics of your new dooo?

daniella said...

Full of shenanigans already, huh? That's better than a borring toddler, anyways. OMG, she's now a TODDLER!!!!

Can't wait to see the hair! I bet it's really cute. What does Mark prefer?

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