Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apology Letter from "B"...April Rose Blog

I normally don't check the blog life out much on the weekends, because I am soaking up the love and attention I get from my family being home with me.  

While I just put baby girl down for a nap, Mark is off running some errands and I need to go take a nap myself.  I thought I would glance and see if any of my friends posted.  

I see a post from the "April Rose" blog and of course my heart sort of jumped, because I was surprised.  I click on the link that popped up her letter and I read it.  

Once I was done reading it, I left her a comment and this is what it said.


I forgive you. There are no perfect people anywhere on this earth. There is only one perfect person, and HE paid the price for ALL of US. I was never angry with you. Just confused. I have prayed many times for you. I will also post your letter on my blog, because I think regardless of what you have done, you have the right to be heard, your apology to be heard...and I will be the first to say that I FORGIVE YOU. God Bless you girl.... Don't give up. Get the help you need, and let GOD, make something amazingly good in your life from all this bad, negative and sad stuff. Let HIM prosper you. Only HE can fill that missing piece in your life that you thought you found through all of us on your blog. Only HIS love goes deeper for you than anything you already experienced or been through. God forgives you. God loves you.... and so do I, and I have never met you. Take care.

Now I ask that you take the time to read her letter too, and as Christians, we all forgive her.


*She did have comment section open, but now she doesn't. Just pray for her instead.

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ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

Great job (as usual) I to have limited time on the weekends and wanted to assure you i'm putting your button on my blog tommorrow (if i dont get over there today to do it) and wanted to know if you figured out a button for "HWW". I have an early prayer request.... D is going in for a neurology appt tommorrow for DD. Please pray that it all goes smoothly, and hopefully we'll find out that she's just a "lazy girl" who doesnt want to do things quite yet! ;) You have my email if you need any details (not opposed to putting them here, just dont want to write a book in your comments LOL)


Anonymous said...

I just left her a comment as well. We are all sinners, so we need to learn to forgive others when they have done us wrong. I don't see the point in carrying around anger towards another person.

Keri said...

I knew nothing about this situation until I started reading about it recently on your blog and Angie's.

I LOVE your response. I did read her letter and I feel nothing but sad for her.....and yet I am hopeful she will get some long overdue help.

Great response, Misty!

Clarke Life said...

I sent her an email as well for support. I'm a Christian and suffer with bipolar every day. It's a terrible illness and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I gave her the option to contact me if she feels needed to. If anyone knows the pain and suffering she is going through, I do.

Thank you for the kind email to her. She needs some positivism out of this mess. I'm so glad she has faith. If she didn't, the outcome could be much worse. Have a great Sunday evening! :)

Cathy said...

I just read Beccah's post but there is no comment section and I also tried to click on the email address she referenced and nothing came up...???

Jennifer said...

Nicely done, Misty.
You are so graceful.

Kristi J said...

Thank you, Misty, it's really nice to find a place where forgiveness reigns and not hatred and gossip over this situation. I am so sad about the whole thing, but we all need to look within ourselves and find forgiveness for B. Only God knows her heart and whether she is truly sorry, it is not our place to make that call. I'm praying for her.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...


Your heart has always been in the right place and God honors that. I did not follow her blog and became aware of the situation only through other blogs.

She is right. We are all sinners and she is struggling right now so I will lift her up in prayer.


ha ha lol your cute , I 'm heading to vbs now. not sure if my camera has that feature silly it is not the canon mother of peral 50 d sister, i'll have to read the manual. but I was in the salon and did not bring my Nikion camera silly . I Only had my blackberry .

I love it , took some time to get use to it . But Now I have to wash and do it bms ( by my self) scary ....

heading in to vbs now, oh psss. did you go to service , what did you think of Bob Barnes ? I thought he was amazing ... chat later..

amanda said...

i agree she needs our prayers. but i also feel her letter is still some lies. and on a forum there are people who have two copies of her letter. because she changed it. i have been praying for her, but i also think that we can not fully trust her either. she is a very good writer and she has spun an interesting web of lies and deceit. prayers yes, forgiveness yes, trust not so much. she's hurt a lot of people, and i do not think she fully understands the hurt she's caused. i also know personally of people who sent her money. i also find it interesting she doesn't mention the handle 'inhistightgrip'. that one was proven to be her. she doesn't defend that she wasn't that one. and because i believe she was, she was online during the first few days of this. and in her letter she says she wasn't online. i don't want to start anything, but i also feel we can't look at this through rose colored glasses. thanks for respecting my opinions.

Anonymous said...


I also emailed her, but I dont forgive her bc I was never mad at her to begin with. Its the internet.. You have to take things with a grain of salt. Will I be more suspicious of other blogs, you bet.. I admit she had me hooked. I can't get mad at her bc I believed her lies..

Anyways I love your blog..You have a beautiful family. I dont mean to post anonymously, for some reason it has my boyfriends info in the comment part and I am not sure how to change it..

In good health,


Anonymous said...

I think people have gotten entirely carried away with this story. She apologized and that's great, but it's THE INTERNET. If someone got duped, sucked in, sent her money, shame on them. She obviously has emotional problems and needed attention. I feel sorry for her. I think the Christian blog community handled it horribly and I was pretty sad to see so much gossip and drama-filled posts about how "hurt" people were. This woman obviously had issues...we needed to embrace her, not shun her. I think accepting someone's apology is fine, but if you're going to cut off communication and shun her because of it...then it's not really accepting that apology in the true sesne of the word.

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