Sunday, June 7, 2009

April Rose (update)

I have been following a blog for weeks now.  A young sister in Christ.  If you want to know the full story of baby April Rose, visit this blog.  

She was born today (alive), but is quickly losing life.  As her parents try to capture all the keepsake, memories and photos with their precious daughter.  As hundreds across the world constantly hit refresh on their computer, waiting on the most recent update provided to us.  As many come together in prayer.  As many tears are shed.  As many give thanks to our amazing God. 

A miracle was born today, and her name is APRIL ROSE.  

Please meet April Rose, and if you feel led to do so (I ask that you do), please take a moment and pray for this little girl, her mommy and daddy.  They are a young couple.  Don't judge them, just show them love and support as God would love them.  

Stop by and read more and leave a comment of love.  

I don't want to go to bed. I have been glued to her updates all day today.  She is beautiful.  

(In respect to April's parents, I took down the other photo that was leaked out before mommy's approval.  She rather us post these photos and wait till the pictures from the photographer come out)  

*As of this morning April is STILL here with her parents* 

What an amazing, generous, loving and beautiful God we serve.  


6 Personal Thoughts:

Stewart Family said...

I have been one of those who just sits here hitting the "refresh" button. I took the kids swimming for a while today and that is all I could think of.

Praying for this beautiful baby girl and her family!

Pineapple Princess said...

I know... been following updates, too. I'm praying!

JD said...

Thanks for your post, Misty! Do you know who her NILMDTS photographer was? Were these part of the photos taken by NILMDTS?

purejoy said...

i am shocked to hear that april rose is a hoax?? do you know anything about the situation? i've been praying since day one of her blog. i'm heartbroken if she's not real. b had a real way with words, and i won't be the only one disallusioned!

Anonymous said...

There are many sites saying that April Rose is a scam and that pic you have on your blog is actually a bunch of pictures of a 'Reborn Baby' (besides picture 4 and 6). If you look at the pictures, 4 and 6 look like a real baby and the others look fake.

Search for 'Avery Reborn Baby' and you will find the pics look exactly like the ones she posted.

All of those sites expose her for a scam.

We are all sad that we got sucked in!

Anonymous said...

I too have been reading that this is a scam... which would break my heart. What do you think? (btw: love your blog)

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