Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me, Monday. {It's hard being a toddler!}

Yes, my little girl is growing and is now officially a walking toddler.  In fact, she is growing up so quickly, that she even graduated this weekend from the infant/baby Sunday school class, into the walking/toddling class.  

She of course went into her class, with all the other little people walking around and starring back at her, with ease.  As I walk away, only to then walk by her class again to get a sneak peek of how she was doing.  Secretly wishing she was looking for me, I think.  Nah, Not Me!  

However, it totally was not me that was out photographing my children on Memorial Day Monday last week, and placed my camera and telephoto lens attached to it, on top of Morgan's stroller, while trying to maneuver around in the thick grass, and back onto the sidewalk.  Only to have my camera not fall into the grass, but instead, because I only ask for the best when anything happens to me, it falls out as I am coming off the grass onto the extremely hard cemented sidewalk.  Ugh, not me!

Although, I am very anxious to get my camera repaired so that I have my "play" camera, and anxiously awaiting my new camera that should be here today or tomorrow, so that I can get back to photographing children at the hospital. 

However, it was not me that forgot to post these pictures a week ago, of my little walking toddler girl, who is into everything even more now.  I did not leave my door open to my patio to look over at her trying to do this, and instead of explaining to her that she wasn't allowed out in the patio area with mommy, I photographed her exploring and learning something new.

Not me!

And I do not think my daughter looks really adorable with her t-shirt and diaper on, messy 'bad news bears' hair do (as honey calls it), toddling around the house and trying to escape the house too.   

Not Yes, ME! I do! I do!  And I did.  

I love babies in t-shirts and diapers.  One of my favorite things.  








PS:  It was not me that thought I would take the easy road today and uploaded my pictures onto by selecting their pre-sizing options of "medium", only to then have SMALL pictures for your viewing pleasure today.  Nope, not me!  

4 Personal Thoughts:

Keri said...

It was so good to see both of you today!! Morgan is more adorable in person than in her pictures and I didn't think that was even possible!

Thank you so much for making the effort to stop by Lisa's today so we could visit. It made the weekend perfect!

Following Him said...

GREAT NMM! I so love Morgan and all her sass! What a beautiful toddler!

Jennifer said...

Watch out world, here comes Morgan!
Good times, mama.

mommaof4wife2r said...

she is more than precious....and i almost cried when i read about the poor camera. arrrgh

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