Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Kitty Camp (a.k.a. Misty's House)

You guessed it.  This is THAT post about the cats.  You know the ones I told you that were here while their owners are off traveling and enjoying their summer breaks.  These same four cats where together last summer in June or July, just as Val was taking the plunge to move back out here to Florida with her then 4 year old daughter.  And as Hunter and his dad left for their summer time in Cape Cod.  

As you know, I love animals, and obviously I love cats. Considering that I have had my two since 1997, when I moved into my very own apartment/townhouse.  

My two boys are getting old, but still have a lot of life in them. They have traveled the world and been and seen it all with me.  They have given me unconditional love, comfort and purrs. I love them so much, and I can't even imagine the day that I know will come and they will no longer be with me.  My heart aches and my stomach turns just thinking of that....so I am not even going to think about it now.  


So, here I am again with all four cats and an active baby this time. Let's just say they provide much entertainment for Morgan.  She loves watching them and chasing after them. When she does catch up with them, she pets them and lays her head on them.  Well, that was until Jagger decided to be a grouch and bit her arm (lightly).  She of coursed cried, and Mark of course thought about tossing him out the back door, as I quickly jump in to check on Morgan and rescue Jagger.  Trying my best to explain to Mark that he isn't himself right now.  He is out of his own environment, he is stressed out with three other cats trying to sniff at his rear end and well, sometimes her "gentle" petting doesn't feel so gentle, especially to a cat that is on guard at the moment.  

Instead, I placed Jagger and Maddie off in Hunter's room.  Only letting the two of them out for a few hours here and there when I am able to keep an eye on all the action.  Jagger also attacked Milo twice, unprovoked.  Milo, the biggest one here, but the gentle teddy bear lion he is, wants nothing more than to be left alone. He isn't going around sniffing any ones rear end. He isn't growling or hissing. He just wants the same respect.  Unfortunately, Jagger saw Milo as an easy target to pick on.  Off Jagger goes into the locked room again.  

At this point, Mark doesn't like Jagger at all.  In fact, had Val left us a key, Jagger would be home right now, only getting attention when I go over to feed him.  

The first few days there was a lot of meowing, hissing, growling, sniffing and claiming territory.  As of now, they are all starting to chill out and leave each other alone.  In truth, they are all really great, sweet and loving cats.  All of them love attention, love to be petted and are declawed and gentle.  Unlike a lot of cats, these cats are all very accepting and loving to people and children.   

Right now there is a lot of laying around, playing around and running outside after lizards anytime the door is opened, front or back. They all come back though, so I let them go.  Oh and as you can tell by the pictures below, none of them seem to be afraid of the camera. In fact, they all seems to like to be in the spotlight.  HA! 

Look at them.  Truly beautiful creatures.  So soft.  So furry.  So funny at times.  I think cats are such amazing animals.  They are just small little panthers running around.  

As you can see, Milo is pouting in his picture. It was the best he would give me. In fact, Milo, the one I normally have to push out from the front of the camera.  He wouldn't even look at me. Anytime I would get in his face, he would turn his head the other way.  He is ticked right now.  He wants all these other cats gone, ASAP.  

But do notice in the one picture, of him and Maddie laying side by side.  Yea, there is a picture I have of them (some where) laying next to each other like this last year also. As I mentioned in a recent post, Milo and Maddie secretly think they make the purrrr-fect pair.  

I am off now to go scoop the litter boxes.  Yea, with four cats, that's a slot of s---t poop to scoop or my house starts to smell pretty foul.  Thankfully, my own litter box has its own secret little spot built in the wall out in the garage, that my cats have access to through the laundry room.  However, Jagger and Maddie's litter box is the guest bathroom, and so I must scoop or it will stink.  

Jagger is only here for 10 days, while Maddie is here for three weeks. Its not so bad.... but I do say its my last year to run the Summer Kitty Camp. It takes weeks and weeks to get all the cat hair out of this house. 

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(The only female)

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(The Alpha Male)

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(The one REALLY in charge if wants to be)

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(The sensitive one)

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(Under all that fur, they really do love summer camp at Misty's)

4 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

You're like the weird cat lady! Just kidding. I've only liked one cat in my entire life: Lola, a beautiful creamy fur kitty we had a few years back who escaped out of the house and couldn't find her way back because it was a new house in a new neighborhood. I still miss her, she was so independent and not nagging and needy. She only wanted to be petted for one hour in the evening when we watched TV.


ok you are the wierd cat lady with all the catsa , wait the kids in the kids around you block are going to be pointing that is the lady with 4 or 5 cats . hey mom bring your cat to that nice lady she loves them and then ch ching $$$$$$$ you can have a daily cat day care lol and make money off the deal ... not .... wow this is alot , alot of watching , stress, and no relaxation for you when you are always on the prawl ........ you should of just done house calls may be that would be easier and you as you say it would not have the short end of the stick .. sorry honey , hope the 10 days goes quick. i'm a puppy person never been a cat girl . but your two cats are so plump and pretty . good luck may this kitty summer camp go fast.

GamecockQueen said...

All these cats are too funny Misty.

Why is it that men never seem to love cats? I say any man that wants to be with me better accept the "fur kids" ! LOL

Oh and is Jagger named after Mick Jagger?

Tony C said...

Misty...I love your blog! The look and feel are very warm and welcoming.

You are blessed with a wonderful testimony, and I hope God continues to bless you as you share it.

I'm also impressed with your photography skills. Great pictures.

God bless!

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