Friday, June 5, 2009

what's a girl to do....

...when there isn't anything to do?


Should I sit and count my toes?  I can't count yet, so that's a no.


Should I go after mommy and tell her to put that camera away and play with me?  Tried that.


Should I try to escape?


Or should I count the number of eyes starring back at me in my reflection on the glass?


Or maybe I could go out and play with that turtle in our yard?  


Let's see, are there any toys in this box that I haven't played with? 



Hhmmmm.....what's a girl to do mom? 


Maybe there is something I haven't played with in my play area?  


Nope, same old stuff!

Well, I could always pull this out of my hair, it always gets a reaction out of mom.  Just maybe she will put that camera down and play with me then?  


Okay, so I have walked in circles around this house, and my mom..... (as Hunter said it, "I'm walking like a professional now.")

oh wait, what's that?


Did I just see....


wait.... come....back.....


I know you are under there, I can see ....... you .....


silly kitty! 


You're new and different from the kitties I am used to seeing around here. You win! You are my new play toy for the day.  



Yeap, if you are a long time reader of this blog, you know who this is.  This is Maddie, Hunter's cat from his dads house.  I get paid to "cat-sit" for a few weeks in the summer.  They call it 'Maddie's Summer Camp.'  Milo calls is "Maddie pisses me off camp."  But secretly they both think they'd make a purr-fect match. 

Also, Payton and Val (ahem....and Patrick!) left yesterday to Chicago for a few days.  Payton and Val are going up to visit her family for about 10 days.  I have no idea what Patricks plan in all of that is.  LOL!  All I know is that again I got the short end of the stick.  Payton's cat Jagger is also here for 10 days and I feel like such the cat lady as I did at one point around this time last year.  I really don't feel like looking up old post with previously posted pictures of all four cats..... give me a few days, I am sure to have some new ones anyways.  

Oh she comes....

Mommy is back with the camera.  Oh great, now the camera is standing on it's own legs and that thing is beeping at both me and mommy.  

**This is my new uniform for when I am working at the hospital.  It's amazing the attention or the conversation that can come up when wearing one of these things.  And in truth (but don't tell anyone I said this), it feels pretty cool wearing one of these.  While I get to walk around and imagine myself as a doctor  with my head held high, nodding at other doctors and nurses going by me in the hallways.  I know I should have been a doctor.  Its in my blood.  I love hospitals. I love medical supplies.  I love scrubs.  I just don't like the fancy medical names that I can't pronounce. 

Anyways... playing around with the self-timer on my camera, these are the results.  Notice Morgan's many expressions?  Yeap, she loves the camera just like her mommy.... I see a future model here.  


Don't you?

Well, if she were a guest on 'Imagination Movers', Mr. Knit Knots (sp?) would love to work with Morgan and all her VERY BORING expressions!!!!  





Have a great weekend.


PS:  A post coming up about life with short hair, as well as a post about being in the modeling/acting world as a Christian, and another **hand-me-down** giveaway coming up.  So be sure to hit the follow me button so you don't miss out.

9 Personal Thoughts:

Stewart Family said...

Such cute pictures.

She reminds me so much of Milee. I think it's the hair and eyes. Cute anyways!

Oh and I love wearing scrubs too. My heart is yearning to finish my degree in nursing. I just don't want to leave my babies yet :(

Can't wait for the upcoming post. I'm curious about how your liking living with short hair. I'm still back and forth and haven't made a decision yet. Woo-Hoo for a hand-me-down giveaway too! Let me know when you are going to do it. I would love to participate by offering a few hand-me-downs myself!!

Lea Liz said...

What a cute cute post!!! Morgan is just beautiful, so adorable!!! Your camera takes aweosme pictures , and Im sure it has something to do with the lady behind it :) I have been reading I just never have time to always comment.. I think it is so amazing about your new job taking photos at the hospital, so awesome!!
I love love love the short hair!! but you would be goregous bald!!

Aspiemom said...

Great pictures, Misty! Butterfly does seem to have a lot of model quality!

I'm looking forward to those upcoming posts!

daniella said...

Did you cut Morgan's hair? It looks shorter. Charlie too always takes her pig tails out...sometimes I don't know why I even try.

I'm sure you've done this with Hunter, but I put some of Charlie's toys away for a couple of months and when I brought them back out she thought they were all brand new and played with them for a whole week. And when I run out of options I give her some of my chunky bracelets and necklaces so she can play dress up. Her favorite way to play dress up is to go in my dresser and put all my bras and thongs around her neck. I call it cheap entertainment - for all three of us :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just wanted to say "hi". I just started reading your blog this week and enjoy it. Your new hair cut is so cute! It makes me want to cut mine again! I love that you are a model and love Jesus. I would love to hear more about that as you say you may write about that today. Have a great day!


Following Him said...

Have to say you look so cute in your scrubs though :) Morgan just cracks me up too...such a cutie patootie :)

Crystal said...

Adorable!! She is an absolute DOLL!!

Misty said...

Great post! Hey! I am tying to get more followers on one of my blogs. If I can, I will do a giveaway. Click over to my House Queen blog and follow. Any ideas how I can get more?

GamecockQueen said...

Morgan look so much like you now! What a beautiful little girl.

You look cute in scrubs! My college roommate used to date a doctor and we liked to post pics of him on our facebook and make the caption say "I'm not a doctor, I just play one of TV". You could def. be a star on Grey's Anatomy dressed like that.

I've been considering a career change and going to school for nursing, which is what I originally started going to college for after I graduated high school. If I do that, put it together with the school I'be already done and I'll have gone long enough to be a doctor. LOL

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