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July 12, 2009

Wow. I can not believe I never posted this. I found this in my "draft' list today. I wrote it up on July 17, 2009. For some reason, I only ended up saving it as a draft and never posted it. Its such a special post that I can't leave it sitting as a draft. It made me smile and tear up all over again reading through this today.

A day that I will put down in my memory bank to never be forgotten. The day my first born, my only son and first love made his public announcement in his faith and Savior.

He did it!!!

Hunter came to me and said that he said a prayer asking Jesus in his heart and to be his savior, and wanted to take the step and be baptized.

I of course was beyond thrilled. What magical words and a time in my sons life. I can't describe this feeling as his mother. Its just an emotional joy and brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

This weekend was yet another miraculous GOD WINK. Hunter was originally scheduled to go back to Cape Cod for his second half of the summer with his dad. I assumed that he would not be able to be baptized until after he got back from Cape Cod. However, I also didn't want too much time to pass between this moment and that moment.

As God would have it.

Hunters dad signed him up for a hockey camp here in Florida that he was attending all week. His father didn't realize the camp didn't end until Saturday, the same day he was to fly to the Cape.

His father sent me an email saying that if we wanted we could come in a day later so that Hunter could finish up his hockey camp. However, I could not afford the price in changing our flights.

God said "hang on a second" and He worked it out some more.

My church then called me up and asked if they could hire me as an actress to play a visual role in this weekends message for all seven (7) services. With the pay, it covered the cost to pay for the change in flights so that Hunter could finish his hockey camp, I could work as a visual in the message at church and Hunter could be baptized.

I was behind stage taking pictures of this special moment. I didn't think I was going to get emotional until the very moment he went under and came back up. The tears came rolling down my face. Of course, I had to hurry back and change in my wardrobe for the service I was going to be in, and clean up the mascara under my eyes.

To make things even more exciting, they needed two kids to be on stage during the services while a special song was being sung. They asked Hunter if he would do it and he was thrilled to. He had a blast and we got to spend the entire weekend together at church, working together, being a part of the message together and sharing his baptism together.

Enjoy the pictures of Hunter and I hope you and your families have a blessed weekend.

But first I feel I better explain something. If you don't follow my blog, then you will wonder why certain 'words' appear on the video at the end of Hunters baptism. Over the summer, our church did a series called "Worlds Largest Strip Club." It was all over the news and everything. Our church likes being bold and different. Anyways, the series was about stripping away things out of your life. Hunter happened to get Baptized during this series, and so the words "Worlds Largest Strip Club" appears on the wall right after his baptism. LOL!

The "you are special" plate!

My friend Lisa recorded it for me with her iPhone, while I was up with Hunter taking pictures.

11 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

That made me teary eyed too. What a special moment for a special boy and special mommy. God's winks are the best!!!!

The Drama Mama said...

It is indeed a day you will NEVER forget! I still remember every second of the day that Kole made his decision and then the day he was baptized! So proud of Hunter...and his Mama for doing everything right to get him to this point. Much love, prayer and hugs to you sista!


well that made me all tery eyed yes this is a day you will never forget. I and rell were baptized on mother's day and it was my gift from gabby to me that she took the lord and it was a take a deep breath moment .I cried the whole time ... what a day memory and moment. God bless you all .

Stewart Family said...

Wow...what a moment captured! I have tears too. Praise God for little people like Hunter.

Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Wanda said...

How wonderful! A very special moment for you both.

Hope your week-end is everything you desire (and that the little one misses you but only in the best way).

BTW. We received our referral for our newest little girl. Should be leaving for China in a few weeks. God is so good!


Wanda (At Last...)

Crystal said...

That is beautiful!!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations Hunter!!!! You gonna love how God pull the threads together in ways we can't even imagine to form the most beautiful picture!

I hope you ALL have an amazing weekend!! Enjoy it!

The Dave-O said...

That's wonderful news! Was on on the 12th? What a GREAT day....not just 'cause it's my birthday or anything ;>

Jennifer said...

what a great day (the 12th)....and Hunter's special day/time with the Lord.
Congratulations on your big news. WOW

Michelle Riggs said...

Thank you so much for sharing about your son. That made my day.

Thank you also for continuing to pray for Abby.

amanda said...

Awww--God Bless him...makes me remember when my not so little boy anymore was saved on Mother's mother's day gift can ever get close to that one.

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