Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are getting hairy around here...

A conversation that went like this:

{Hubby is rubbing my leg with his foot....}

Me: You trying to get splinters?

Hubby: {chuckle}

{Hubby inches a little closer to me...}

Me: I don't think you really want to be that close to me right now.

Hubby: Why, you ripe? {chuckle}

Me: Yeap, I haven't showered all day.

Hubby: Why don't you see if you can go a whole week without showering?

Me: You dare me?

Hubby: I double dog.... I triple dog dare you.

Me: Do you want to go a whole week without sex?

Hubby: NOOOOOO!!!

Me: Well, I guess I just won then!!!

Both: {Laughing out loud....}

So I guess its time to shower and shave my legs, before they are mistaken for two new pets in the home and my kitties get depressed over it.

6 Personal Thoughts:

Lea Liz said...

haha too funny!!! Of course they couldn't go a week!!!

Tony C said...

In poker, a smart man knows when to fold his hand because he can't win...your husband's a very smart man.

Glad those aren't your legs! Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

LOL funny!

Kasey said...

haha! i needed a good laugh!
i hate shaving my legs!

Wanda said...

That was a good one. Thanks for the laugh!

GamecockQueen said...

Can you believe I used to shave my legs every time I took a shower? Who in the world has time for THAT?! That is not the case any longer so I'm glad to see that it isn't for you either!

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