Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've got a feeling...... EPIC!!!


Before you go any further, Ill save you the time and ask that you pause my music player

right here to the left....
before proceeding on, as there are two videos attached to watch.

You're Welcome.

I know you all have been wondering what all this EPIC and DANCING talk is about. As I promised, I said I would post the video and the secret. The reason I had to wait is because we wanted it to be a surprise for the 6 services over the weekend.


Today may be my shortest and most brief post EVER-UH!!! Ha!

So, the first video is us practicing. Never mind that blonde in front row with errors. Not sure who that is. *Cough-Cough*

Actually, Ill give myself a little excuse, this was the first time I actually practiced down on the floor with the group. Most of the time I was up on stage directing and teaching, with Noelle and Britney.


Of course the second video.... I got off count (again). But it was the 5th one we had done and I think exhaustion kicked in. As I did NOT mess up in the other services, but the one person that recorded this cool version of the final show down, caught my error. O'well... it about having fun, right?

I haven't danced "in line" with cheerleading or dance of any kind since school. I am not going to tell you how many year ago that was, but lets just say if you knew, you would understand why I am a little rusty. HA!


Rehearsal Video:

(video fuzzy and poor quality because recorded with cell phone)

The Final Show!

4 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

That was VERY cool! Looks like ya'll had a blast.

I was just singing that song to Ian at Target about 30 minutes ago. It's so contageous, he started singing it!

Stewart Family said...

How cute!! I love it!

Wish I lived closed...I would love going to that church. Y'all know how to rock it :)

Courtney and the Boys said...

That ROCKS!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

GamecockQueen said...

Dang girl, you are good!!! I could not tell you haven't danced in a while. I took jazz for years and in old home videos of me dancing I don't think there was a single time, in a class, in a recital, whatever where I didn't either get off count or miss something. Seriously. Maybe, maybe, once in a recital I did everything perfectly. Maybe. I would always look at the older girls to try and keep up.

And tap...well I personally think tap gets too complicated too fast. You must have to be a genius to keep up with all that...past the buffalo and paddle and roll, I'm LOST LOL.

Good job!!

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