Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pregnancy News!!!

Is it me or is anyone else feeling the same thing? You know, afraid to get on your computer and type a post on your blog, afraid that something is being spread through the keyboard causing so many women to become pregnant?

Ahhhh.... not what you where thinking when read my post, eh?

I bet you thought I was going to say that I too am pregnant, right?







Whew, I feel better now getting that off my chest. I have been wanting to share this news for sometime now, but along with all the other blogging pregnant women out there, I was waiting for the right time. LOL.

Okay, Okay... enough of my silly talk.

No, not silly talk about not being pregnant. I really am NOT pregnant, and I always like to end it with "I have a great goalie, and the goalie hasn't been pulled." (TMI - sorry!)

But, I do find joy in my heart and am blissfully happy for all my pregnant friends, all my pregnant blog friends and all my pregnant blog peeps that I stalk. I mean this is no exaggeration either, about 5 blogs that I read, follow or stalk, ahem.... just announced their pregnancy news in the last 5 days. That is a pretty big number, I don't think I follow that many blogs, do I?

However, sadly, many of these soon to be new moms are people I have grown to really care for through their stories of losing a child. I am so thrilled that God is giving them these gifts of new joys, to ease some of the painful emotions they have been carrying since the loss of their precious child.

So, what is this post really about then you ask?

Well, nothing really.

I just wanted to confirm that I am NOT jumping on that bandwagon of pregnant women. I want to say congratulations to the four personal friends of mine that are expecting, two of them due on my wedding anniversary of February 11th. And the other many women in the blogging world..... to all of you expecting lady friends and strangers and sisters...... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Now, will you all do me a favor and if there is something being spread among the blog world that can some how magically make a women become pregnant, PLEASE do not send it my way. I am happily content with my family just the way it is. Thank you.

11 Personal Thoughts:

Keri said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Love the pregnancy news, but perfectly happy to have it pass me by!! I do love sleeping many hours during the night, having children that fix their own meals, and sitting at baseball/football/basketball practices reading a book!!

Wanda said...

Oh, you got me. My mouth dropped open and my heart lurched (for you)thinking you were among the throngs who are baby bound.

It's probably something in the air!


daniella said...

You're a firecracker. Other than Angie, who else is pregnant?

You're right, something's in the water: two of my sisters are pregnant and my sister in law is as well.

I'm not planning on drinking any of that water for a LOOOONG while. Or ever. We'll see.

Stewart Family said...

There are pregnant women everywhere!! I had my first clinical today in L & D and there were babies being born galore. Then I came home to find out of one friend who had delivered today and one who is in labor at the moment. It's crazy! I too though will pass on whatever the magic air/water/etc is at this time :) I just enjoy all the other babies!

Misty Rice said...

My crazy but ordinary life
Angie (Bring the Rain)
Stacy (He will carry me)
Jessica Turner Blog
My friend Miranda, Katie, Lindsay, Cassie, Jennifer, Julie

That is 10 people......

Aspiemom said...

FINALLY! I tried accessing your blog about 5 times and each time all I saw was the wooden boards, but no post. Oh, the suspense of it all! You are SUCH a tease!

Stacy D said...

I missed Jess Turner's news. How fun that she and Angie are pregnant at the same time!

Thanks for the shout out, but more importantly, thank you for praying :)

Chris, Miranda & Prestley said...

I'm Due March 18, 2010!!! I would love for you to have another baby close to mine. :)

Anonymous said...

It' not on the keyboard. It's in the water! 5 people in my neighborhood are all due near each other, including me. I was on your bandwagon too - happy with what I had, but my goalie got lazy for one night!!!! I fired him...he is going to the dr to be put to sleep soon!

Misty said...

You really had me going!

Tonya Smith said...

Have them send it my way. It would TURELY be awesome to announce a pregnancy in this family!

Seriously, tho, I am asking for prayer in that aspect of my life. Danny & I have been trying for 10 years now. 1 tubal & several miscarriages later.... we are still trying. So, please lift up the Smith's for pregnancy news soon. Thank you so much!

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