Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That's what it's called:

I couldn't remember the name yesterday while writing my post, the name of the theme park/show in Disney that we are taking Hunter to see this Saturday.  It is called The Holy Land Experience.  It looks awesome and I have heard many good things about it, so I am excited.  

PS: I accomplished most of my list yesterday except:

1.  The nails (again) were left on the back burner with no love given to them.  Sigh!!!!  Maybe today when honey gets home from work and can stay with baby girl.

2.  I didn't make it to the grocery store, but did come home after Hunter's baseball game with honey having the table set up really nice, and a yummy dish of chicken-parm, pasta and garlic toast made.  Also, having Hunter's on the red "You Are Special" plate.  We have been encouraging Hunter to work on getting greens in school 3 days at a time, instead of thinking of the entire year.  (Green = Good, Yellow = Warning, Orange = In the hot seat, Red = Means not a good day at school).  At the beginning of the year he did excellent with keeping his colors green.  He really wanted to earn "Citizen of the Week Award."  In which he finally did.  However, it seems as though that ever since he got the award, he hasn't had anything to work for and therefore has slacked with keeping his cards green.  So, now we have decided to encourage him, and if he gets 5 greens Monday - Friday, he gets to have an ice cream night that weekend.  We don't allow him to have many sweets, so he was excited about this, and so far it seems to be working. Every day he gives me a smile and a thumbs up before he gets into the car to let me know he got a GREEN!  Good job Hunter and keep up the good hard work! 

I know I have things to post, and I feel I am getting behind because I can't seem to catch up.  Be patient with me.  You know I will probably get one free day and have about 10 new post that one day for the last 10 days of missed post.  LOL

Anyways, I know you were all so very interested in what show could I possibly be talking about that I am taking my family to this weekend in Orlando.  Now you know!!!  

By the way, while in Orlando for Hunter's hockey tournament, I have one very concerned husband.  His BIG concern..... 1.  What time is Hunters games on Sunday?  2. Because the EAGLES play at 3:00 pm and where can HE watch that game??  No if's, but's or and's about it! LOL

Yes, my honey is a BIG Eagles fan and he has be telling me A LOT lately how it is that he has been waiting to see the Eagles play in a Superbowl since he was a kid. As you can imagine, he is very excited about this upcoming game on Sunday.  I have yet to tell him that Hunters 2nd hockey game on Sunday is at 4:30 pm.  Hmmmm ......  what should I do?  I guess I will be at the hockey game, honey can watch the first quarter in the hotel room, and then when I get back after an hour at Hunter's game, we can run during a commercial to a sports bar in Downtown Disney.  Sounds like a good plan right?  

Anyone know of a good sports bar in Downtown Disney we can run to for the Eagles game this Sunday???

Ill have to email my friend Kristen and Adam who live out there also so we can meet up with them.  If you haven't ever checked out Kristens Blog, you should.  They are a beautiful family of Gods.  And I take pride, because I introduced my friend Adam, to my now friend Kristen and they got married and had their beautiful daughter Reagan. 

Happy Wednesday!!! 

2 Personal Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Hello. I had to stop by from My Charming Kids to say I loved your...

Leap Frog, Eskimo style

I wanna win of course but I think yours may take it home. :-)

Aspiemom said...

I love GA, but I'm starting to think you have more fun in FL!!!

That Holy Land show sounds awesome!

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