Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photo Albums

I have been trying to get caught up on photo books.  I only have a couple more to finish up on like Morgan's birth photo book and our Christmas/Family Cruise album.  Then I am caught up.  This next year, I am hoping to start something new and more organized.  Like putting my annual books together as the pictures come in.  

Example:  Instead of having a book about this for Hunter, or that about Morgan and or our family went here.... 

I will have ONE BOOK for ALL for the year.  

So once I finished these other two books, I will start our Family 2009 Album.  

Yea, ME!!!

The reason I am so proud of this book of Hunter, is because other than this really crappy scrapbook I tried doing when he was little, but looks more like the work of a child in kindergarten.  I do not have any albums of Hunter either after he turned 2 years of age up to 8 years of age.  So this book has a little bit of EVERYTHING from all ages under 8 years.  His dad even sent a bunch of photos of Hunter that he had so we combined our Hunter photos and made one album. 

Now I will have albums of my children for every year and age from here on out.  

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what memories that is awesome girl . go you .

Stewart Family said...

Where do you make those at? That is a really good idea and would be a great gift for gma's and gpa's!

BTW...I think your photography is looking amazing. Your pictures are just as good as any professional out there. I'm sure the lady will be delighted with her wedding pictures!

Amy said...

Gee Misty... Thanks now I just want to look at it page by page after the "tease" you sent here. LOL I think "The yearly albulmn" is a GREAT idea. I made a scrap book once... HAHAHAHA, all that I need to say. I'm so bad with pics. I have SHHHHHH! (Freezer zip locks FULL) and empty albulmns I intend to fill in order (For the last umm 12 years).

Elizabeth said...

I have used
for Ella's first year. It's a digital scrapbooking site. It's so easy to do and their are lots of layouts to choose from. The pages turn out beautifully. They also have discount codes about once a month. check it out when you get a chance.
Your friend,

Jennifer said...

Great photo books that you made.
You big tease!

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