Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winners!! Winners!!! Winners!!! and More....

I know this is over due...but its better late than never, right? Right! 

Here is the deal....

Since so many left comments on both my blog and Angie's blog @ 7 Clown Circus, but all didn't leave details on which item you were interested in, I am doing something different.  

If you left specific request, I put you in a drawing for that item(s) and drew them from a bowl and have posted those winners here.  

However, regarding the 3 girls dresses I put ALL person's who commented into the drawing.  


Well, because I have a fun idea that I think would allow these dresses to travel around the world into welcoming moms and little girls hands.  

So what's the catch?  

Nothing really.... its more fun for YOU than me at this point.  YOU get to have a GIVEAWAY on your blog.  Giveaway's are the "cool" thing to do these days it seems on blogs.  And, well, YOU get to promote your blog, with a giveaway at my expense.  

What do you mean at your expense?

Silly people.... I have the clothes, don't I? Then I would be the one to ship them, and it cost YOU or your winner nothing.  So, YOU get to giveaway an adorable dress to anyone YOU personally pick and or have a drawing from your own readers on your blog if you choose.  

What if I don't want the dress to giveaway or want to provide a giveaway on my blog?

That's totally cool too.  No worries!! Just send me an email from the 'contact me' tab above to let me know that, and I will find someone who would LOVE to either receive or giveaway the dress  you won.  

If you are a winner and you personally want the items, please email me your mailing info so that I can get it shipped out to you.  

Congratulations and thanks for showing some love either on my post on Angies blog, or on here.  It was fun stopping by visiting each and everyone one of your blogs.  Getting to meet you and your own families.  And it was most fun.... PAYING IT FORWARD.

Winners!!!  Winners!!! Winners!!!! 

1.  Lula @ Lulaville -   12 Month Girls Dress - Pink and Black w/black velvet trimming

2. Rhonda @ A Day in Rhonda's Life  -  0-3 Month Dress - White with flowers w/bloomers

3.  Sparkette @ He's Outnumbered  -   6-9 Month Dress - Yellow w/belt and bloomers 

4.  Mommaof4wife2r @ A Thorn Among Roses  -  Little toddler Nike sneakers!  

5.  Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend  -  Boys Pokemon 

Don't forget to PAY IT FORWARD when you can!!!  

7 Personal Thoughts:

GamecockQueen said...

I just saw your comment, girl!

yes, friends are the best!

And wasn't my baseball analogy great? :-D

Amy said...

Yeah to all of your winners. Thanks for coming by the other day. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come by on Friday April 10th and join in for my Round Robin. I hope to see you then.

angie said...

What a great spin you put on this one! AND, how great that I know all but one of the winners! Tiffany is from R Family diaries, and Lula is from Lulaville though. I know she guest posts for Tiffany so maybe she was logged in under her blog?

mommaof4wife2r said...

ahhhh...and i love the idea! i love paying it forward! i can't wait...and i'll be able to when i get home from the beach! yes!

Mark and Kiss said...

Dear Misty, It was such a pleasant surprise to get a message from you after you guest posted at Angies. I LOVE the idea of paying it forward, and I love how you are promoting it! It has blessed my life and I hope that I have been able to do the same for others! You are great!
(Sorry that my family blog is private, but I am glad that I have my husbands birthday blog up for others to contact me, thank you)

Lula! said...

Hey there--e-mailing you right now!!!! (Rather than rambling in your comment section!)

Keri said...

Ummmmm.....I do love to win things, but I must say that I would have never, ever known what to do with such cute girl stuff. Except take your advice and pay it forward.....I love it!!

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