Monday, January 11, 2010

$100 giveaway

As seen on TV, I recently worked for PajamaGram. I mostly modeled all their 2010 Valentine PJ's. Although, not all of which I modeled are not online just yet, but I will also be in the new catalog. You can order your free catalog from their website.

In addition to that I also filmed two commercials for PajamaGram, one for their famous Hoodie-Footie Snuggle Suit as seen here.

The other was for their new and very popular PajamaJeans as seen here.

I had such a great time working with a long time friend of mine Victor, who booked me on the jobs.

Not only did I have fun, I got to keep my very own Hoodie-Footie and PajamaJean. I love them.

The PajamaJean is especially my favorite, because they stick to as advertised. I wore mine for a 10 hour shoot, having taken them off and put them back on for different parts of the commercial to shoot. The jeans never once lost their shape on me. They did not loosen or get sloppy, nor did they wrinkle. They were soft and cozy on the inside, while looking like a styish pair of jeans on the outside.

*NOTE* I am in no way writing this post because I have been asked or getting anything in return for promoting this. I actually feel this is a fun topic, something that maybe would be of interest to you and a funny story that now involves YOU and a special giveaway!!!!

Funny story:

After I had modeled for the PajamaGram client, I had went online and signed myself up for the catalog so I could have a copy of my own work. Its often hard to see and get hard copies of your actual work when modeling, so when you get a chance to get it, you do.

Well, a few weeks went by and all of the sudden I received an email. The email said this.

Dear Misty Rice,

Recently you signed up to become a member of PajamaGram’s VIPj Email List. Each month we choose a new VIPj Member to receive a free PajamaGram and we're happy to inform you that you have been selected as this month’s winner.

As our lucky winner, you are invited to select up to $100 of PajamaGram products. You can have your PajamaGram shipped to you, or treat someone special to a special surprise by shipping it to them — it'll surely make their day! We can ship your PajamaGram anywhere within the Continental U.S.

All we need you to do is fill out the attached form and return it to us via a reply to this email or via fax at (802) 985-1382 (Attn: Laura Fitzgerald). As soon as we have received your completed form, we will send your PajamaGram on its way.

At first I thought it was some kind of spam mail or gig with strings attached. I sent the email to my friend Victor, and he confirmed with a giggle "that's funny and offical."

I have been chosen randomly to receive $100 free stuff from PajamaGram. This part of the company has no idea who I am or that I just recently modeled for them. All they did was place my name is a recent customer that signed up to receive catalogs for them and I won!

Pretty funny, right?

Sure it is, Misty! But what does that have to do with US?

Glad you asked.

You see, I decided that I would like to take my blog in a little different direction. I would like to start blogging and building my audience. I plan on blogging about my children, modeling and life in general, just as I do now. As well, as blog about anything and everything I can think of (sort of like I do now, too!). Ha!

Like my little soap box! (sort of like now!)

But I never tried to really grow an audience. I want to see if I can slowly but surely grow my audience and take my blog to the next level.

"So what does that have to do with us, we ask again?"

Well, my little blogging buddies, this is what it has to do with you.

You know that $100 gift card to be used at

I am going to give it away to a lucky blogger. You will be able to shop online to your hearts desire (up to $100's, that is). You will then place your order with me via email. I will get your order shipped out to YOU!!! You can shop for yourself, your dog, your family or a friend. Whatever you like! You can even order yourself your very own Hoodie-Footie or PajamaJean and be cool like me! *giggle-giggle*

Awesome right?

"So what do we have to do? You know those strings attached?"

Well, yes, there is a little tiny string attached, but it's so tiny, its more like dental floss. Its easy. Don't you think $100 in free stuff is worth a little tiny effort on your end?

"Maybe, depends on what it is I guess."

That's the spirit!

All I am asking is that you following me here on my Blog and Twitter, and spread the word about me. I also have a Facebook account, you can jump on their as my friend too. If you have one of the three (facebook, twitter, blog), I ask that you give a little shout out to my blog (with link) and this post, on one of yours.

I am not going to do the whole "points" thing, as other blogs do. I find that to be a little annoying. Okay, I find it to be really annoying. Besides, I don't want to keep up with all of that.

I would just like to gain some new readers. Simple.

I will wait until Feb. 1st to draw my winner. This gives myself and you two weeks to help spread the word. While also announcing the winner 14-days before Valentines Day, just in case you want to order something for yourself or someone special in your life.

While I have your attention, I want to do a blog makeover. Does anyone have any creative ideas for a model/actress/mother and wife? I always love to hear other peoples creativity. Toss that out to me in the comment box too if you feel up for it.

Okay, I am done.

Start following me on the following:

1. Here on my Blog! (just hit follow me to left of my blog)


4. Leave me a comment here telling me were you are following.

Leaving a comment here on my blog is a must, so I can keep tabs. I will do my (random) drawing from the list of comments on this post February 1st.

If you do not have twitter, blog or facebook. No worries. Just leave a comment and I will still include you in the drawing. I am just asking my readers for some extra love by helping me spread the word.

PS: If any of you already have the PajamaJean or Hoodie-Footie, please share. I would love to hear some personal stories from you on what you think about them.

Be sure to follow me some place so you know when I announce the winner on Feb. 1st.

Thanks for spreading the word.

29 Personal Thoughts:

Robert said...

Started following you 'cause you appeared on someone's else's blog. Enjoy reading about you and your family. God's best.

Lea Liz said...

Love it! You are too cute and it is so awesome all of the modeling you do! I definitly want to try these pajama jean things out!!!

Im a follower and were facebook friends.. I will post on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

those jeans do look great on you... but anything looks great on you!!!

Stewart Family said...

Aww...I had a friend that was talking about PajamaGram and I had no idea what it was till now. How fun!! I would love, love, love to have some cutie jammies! I already have you on all 3 but I will send some people over your way :)

I'm excited about you starting to blog again. I've missed your stories!

Laura said...

I am a new reader and a fairly new blogger myself. I came across your blog through someone else's page. I have enjoyed reading your stories and find that you have a genuine heart for the Lord. May God bless you and your family :)

My blog address is:

My Heart said...

All ready follow you on all three accounts...will be posting about this though (probably tomorrow - I need to make school lunches now and off to bed).

Speaking of bed, you have NO idea how great those Hoodie-Footie pajama things would be for a gal from Northernish Canada whose husband loves to sleep with the window WIDE open AND a fan on, even when the temperature is -50 (with windchill) Celsius!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You know I love your blog and read every a follower and have you on my sidebar.....I will do a link to this post on my next post.....

AND I AM A PAJAMA LOVER....No time spent in pajamas is wasted.

"Weighting" for thin said...

Hi Misty
I have been a silent follower for awhile. I too love blogging although I more of a reader than a blogger right now. Anyway I always felt your pain when you write about having reading about the children that seem to endure so much. I too have to keep myself from becoming an emotional wreck. My heart just fell when at first glance I saw Morgan and lump on your glad to know all is well. I will do my best to spread the word for your blog and mybe one day you can return the favor. I am Jennifer Allen McDonald on Facebook, MrsMrccrazy on Twitter.
My children are Grayson - He is 8 and My daughter Madison is 12.

Good to know you and finally say a written hello

Jennifer McDonald
Fort Worth,Texas

Wanda said...

Hi Misty,

I've been following for awhile now. I'd like to do a post - prob. next week.

I LOVE the pajama jeans. They sound perfect!! Thanks for the opportunity.

You look amazing in the shoot!

Wanda (At Last...)

Lianna Knight said...

Yeah! I am already one step ahead of you...I already have you on my blogroll AND I follow you on twitter :)

Love the pajamas...I am ALWAYS looking for cute new pajamas to wear :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Have a blessed day!

Shari said...

I have been following you for a while now. I am not sure how I liked to you but I did. I am a lurker and don't comment much.

When I get home I am going to try to link you to my facebook (I am at work and don't have access to FB here ).

Danielle said...

Hi Misty,

I'm a follower and really enjoy your blog. :) You're so genuine and inspirational - thanks!


daniella said...

i follow you at all three social network sites. i even followed you at your house, HA! and im not even a stalker. i'm still laughing about the morning you threw up while attempting to change Morgans diaper. LIGHTWEIGHT!

i cant deny it...i want those pajama jeans REAL bad, especially that i only get out the house once a week. i think my poor husband would like to see me in something other than yoga pants. i'm giving you a shout out on the Military Glam Gals blog.

pinksarahh said...

I have actually been looking for some new pj's!! I think I will go check out the site! I already follow your Twitter and Blog!

Kristi said...

I love reading your blog. I just friend requested you on facebook. I have an award on my page for you. Thanks for always having uplifting stories and I cant wait to read more!

GamecockQueen said...

OK I think Daniella should win the pajama jeans...oh, but if they have stuff for pets, you know my baby Trinket wants to win! LOL After all, Trinket looks good in everything.

Jennifer said...

Great commercial. The jeans look great. Cute jammies too! I already follow u - have since last 2008 when our girlies were BABIES!
Good luck with promoting your blog! Have fun with it.

Lauren Cox said...

I have been reading your blog for a little bit now. The hoodie footie pajamas seem a bit funny to me but the comfy jeans seem awesome!

Misty Rice said...

I thought the same thing about the hoodie-footie....but I am seriously thinking about taking it with me to toronto and Colorado. It is super soft and warm.

Breanna said...

How Fun!!!

I follow you here on your blog and we are friends on Facebook!

I will post on my blog too!

Julie said...

I always wondered if they made footed pajamas for adults. They would be comfy! And the pajama jeans intrigued me. I found you through another blog and check in from time to time. Thanks! said...

oh, oh, I want a snuggy,bunny pink suit with feet and a hood. If only I had a Red Ryder bb gun I could star in a musical about "A Christmas Story". Do these jammies have glasses so I won't shoot an eye out?

Mary said...

I found your blog through Heather. I have no idea what I'd pick with the gift certificate but I have a house full of people who always need good PJ's. I am now a follower on your blog as well as on Twitter! Your family and your story is beautiful.

Angie said...

i am following you here now on your blog. love the jean pajama pants...i need some of those ha!

Anonymous said...

Hello, you won't believe this , but I just saw your commercial on tv recently before reading your blog. I happened on your blog from reading another blog and another and then there was yours! It was interesting and I loved the title. Wind beneath my wings. It also gives me a chance to read about others and learn how they live their lives. I LOVE IT. Hope your blogging goes well. And your jobs. God bless you and your family.

ABCDH said...

I read your blog from time to time and actually recognized you in the pajama jeans commercial! At any rate, I popped over to see if you blogged about it and sure enough here it is.
At any rate, at first I thought the jeans were sort of rediculous, but after your comments I may have to get a pair.
(Shhhh, don't tell my neighbors I'm wearing pj's at the grocery store)

~Momma Zookeeper said...

:-) I saw you on my suggested contacts on FB for being MHS alumni. So I follow FB and when you send a link to your blog, since it usually has to do with mom stuff, I click over :-) Have a wonderful day!

Jes Tidwell said...

I am such a blog creeper! :-) I have been reading you for a long time and have never commented. Lame I know..! Do pajama jeans make the baby pooch disappear?! If so..I must have a pair!

Misty Rice said...

You know Jes... I will say this... they are elastic enough in the waste to help support something around your waste. They will not fall loose or sag, exposing belly stuff. I know the feeling.

Did you ever use those belly spandex things you get in maternity stores to put over jeans that weren't maternity jeans, but left unbutton when you could still fit in them? or they cover the extra belly stuff exposed when your shirts are too small?

I have a couple of them black one and a white one.... I wear them almost all the time to help support extra baby jiggle. Hope that helps.

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