Friday, January 8, 2010

My Baby Can Read!

Well sort of. She can read pictures and she knows the words she hears. We can go through an entire book of hidden pictures and ask her where something is. She will find it and point to it. She almost always gets it 100%, it sort of depends on her mood or her level of concentration at the time. However, she loves loves loves to read books. She is constantly handing throwing books at me or her daddy to read to her. She will sit there for however long you let her and just go through books.

A few months ago I got her these "MY BABY CAN READ" DVD's. I had heard about them and I thought it was so neat to see children at such young ages reading. Although, I didn't see myself actually pressing my child to read as it may appear some parents in the 'My Baby Can Read' commercial may have. I did however think that the DVD's would be fun for her to watch and she would learn at her own pace with the videos.

Let's just say that my girl LOVES watching her MBCR DVD's. She smiles every time she sees and hears the beginning of these videos when I turn them on. Each video is about 30 minutes long and she will sit and stay focused all the way through them.

She can't really read the words that flash on the screen or that I point to in the books. She is starting to make connections that 'things' have 'names' and those 'names/words' can be a picture or written.

The show the word this arrow slides underneath the word, showing the direction in which the child needs to learn to read the word in (left to right). As the arrow slides under the word, they say the word in both an adult and a young girls voice, showing how it may sound different by whom is saying the word. She will sit there and interact with the video and answer the questions, and do the actions in which the video instructs her to do.

Her vocabulary is growing more and more each day. Sometimes random words pop out of her mouth out of no where.

For example: On Christmas morning when she walked in to what Santa had left her. I got out my camera to take her picture. Out of no where this girl of mine SMILES and then to top it off she says "CHEESE" at the camera. First of all..... I didn't even know my girl could smile on demand like that, and I have never used the word "cheese" for her when trying to get her to smile for the camera. She must have learned it at school or at church, but out of nowhere she just did it on her own and shocked me.

She loves to walk around where ever we go and asks "that?" Meaning "what is that?" And I answer her and she tries her hardest to repeat, almost nailing all the words. She loves to say one of our cats name, "Milo". Its her first word with an "L" in it. Now recently she has started to say 'milk.'

I could go on and on with all her words...... but I then you wouldn't get anything else done today.

I thought I would share these pictures and let you in on this MBCR DVD's program. I am sure you have seen commercial for it. Now you can hear from someone that actually owns the set and hear my thoughts.

I think it is great. I love it. Morgan loves it. I don't force her. I don't do it hours on end. It says to do it twice a day. I just do it when I think she is in the mood for it. We don't really do the flash cards yet, because I think the picture finding in the book is the better form of flash car for her at this time. She loves to show off and find the pictures.

Have you ever tried anything out similar with your kids? I'd like to hear about it and see what creative things parents do with kids to help them learn.

I actually taped index cards up around the house when Hunter was her age so he could go around and read the word attached to the furniture. What about you?

My girls is a jabbering one. She seriously loves to talk and sing. She has intense conversation sometimes with me, and I know she knows what she is saying. I just try to keep up with the conversation. I love her little voice. I told daddy to listen carefully to her voice and to not forget it, for it will one day not sound like that.

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Kristi said...

I always wondered about those videos. Thanks for sharing your opinion. That part about her saying cheese to the camera cracked me up because my little one does the same thing. I swear I dont tell her to say cheese either but when she sees it she always says "cheese." So funny the things they pick up on.

Angie said...

We see these videos on TV and my husband and I wandered if they worked. We might just have to break down and buy em too! Morgan is such a cutie! My parents just had a baby sheep should go show Morgan pics of it on my blog.

GamecockQueen said...

Morgan is so so pretty Misty. What a precious little girl. And OH MY, what a gorgeous home you have!

Misty Rice said...

Also, before purchasing these videos...... I got mine really cheap on eBay brand new. I did NOT spend the full price at all.

Ask me any questions you may have.

Melanie said...

Hey Misty... I am not sure if you saw but we are expecting!!! I am 20 weeks and having a girl! We are excited... This is something my hubby wants to buy for the baby once she gets to a certain age. Glad you posted this! I will look on Ebay :)

God bless,

Jennifer said...

There's the answer to my question...
You HAVE been trying them.
I think kids are sponges between now and five. The more we show and introduce to them, the easier it will be to "learn" when they really have to learn it! Make sense?

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