Saturday, March 22, 2008

Allergy Testing -

Yesterday I took Hunter in for his allergy testing.  He was a bit nervous but the nurse was great and did a really quick job with him. First they drew the lines on his arms (numbered) and then put a drop of all types of allergy prone substances on his arms.  Once that is done he then sits there for 30 minutes while watching a movie of his choice (Snow Dogs) and waits to see the reaction.  He did have small reactions to a few things but nothing on the level of concern.  So that was a positive turn out, but still doesn't explain why my boo keeps having a congested nose.  On an even brighter note we thought for sure he would have some allergies toward cats considering I have two and his dad has one, and his dad does have allergies to cats.  As well as when he was a baby the doctor tried telling me that I would have to get rid of my cats (which wasn't going to happen) and as it turns out he has ZERO allergies to cats.  YEA!!!!  Here are some of the pictures from our day! 

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April said...

Mick ended up not being able to go to school for the last month or so lst year --- we had him tested - both the scratch (arm) test and blood tests...the blood came back with nothing but the scratch tests showed dust, cow's milk (which he was drinking a lot of at the time), tomato, canteloupe and shell fish.....they were all really low levels - and the doc said I didn't need to change his diet - but I cut out the dairy and it made a HUGE difference! So, even if it's a level 1, you might want to try cutting something out just to see if that's what is causing the congestion....he's also on Singulair but so long as I don't give him too much dairy (mac and cheese and ice cream on the same day, for instance) then he's fine!! Our sicknesses for this year have dropped DRAMATICALLY!!! Good luck!

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