Thursday, March 20, 2008

2 Personal Thoughts:

Jennie said...

So, so, wonderful to see this beautiful blog. I can tell right now that MacKenzie is going to be one very special little girl because she is already so very loved.

The nursery looks so calm and serene - soothing is definitely the perfect word to describe it. Of course, my favorite is the teddy bear mobile - how darling! The crown over the crib says that a little princess is going to be calling it home quite soon!

And Misty - girl, you know you look fabulous! No one but YOU could gain 27 pounds and make it look gorgeous. You shine, you really do.

I'm very excited for you guys and want to thank you for sharing this blog with me! I'm sure I'll be back to make cutesy-tootsie comments about MacKenzie. She's going to be a beautiful baby girl and one to certainly gush over!

And last but not least, a big HOWDY DO to Hunter! You're going to be an awesome big brother for sure!

Hugs & love to Baniewicz Family!
Jennie & Jamie (the web site girls)

raigan said...

just remember hunter your gonna be a big big brother huh ok love cousin raigan and to you misty and mark

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