Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The crew that takes good care of me -

Today I went in for my 38-week check up, hoping to hear that something is happening.  With all the contractions and pains I have been having, not to forget the puking I am doing again (which they said is a sign things are near).  I get the all is perfect, the baby is way down there and that is the reason for the pain but no dilation. So although that is wonderful news I felt a bit disappointed because I wanted to hear I can have her tomorrow.  (smiling) They said she must be very active because her heart was just going and going and going. Dr. Zafron also said that I will be happy that I am having her via c-section a week early because he can tell that she will or would be a big baby.  So all is well and he said that I will most likely make it to my delivery date so to not worry too much. That puts me at 11-days to go.  Yippy! Just one more check-up and my baby girl will grace me with her beautiful face.  Don't worry folks, you know how I love pictures.  I confirmed with the doctor today and have the green light for Mark to take every detailed picture he possibly can.  We will post on here as soon as possible for all to welcome our new addition. 

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