Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Born April 14, 2008
Weight - 7 lbs 11 0z
19 3/4 long
Beautiful and Healthy ......

4 Personal Thoughts:

April Ralston said...

Congrats! Beautiful Mommy and Daddy make Beautiful Baby!!! I love the new name...Really! Big brother looks pretty proud too. I wish you and all the best of luck. Can't wait to watch her grow with pictures. Enjoy every single moment. Jax is already 6 months :) And, although i have a cluster of kiddies. It doesn't make it any eaiser to watch him grow. Best Wishes mama.

April Ralston said...

WOW! one more comment. She was the exact weight and length as Jaxson...just noticed that!


Matt, Joy & Ryder said...

Oh! Aren't you just in love!!! She is so beautiful! And you look amazing as always! I am so happy for you guys!!!! Its all worth it when you get that little bundle in the end, huh???

Cindy said...

What a gorgeous little girl!!! You both have beautiful babies. Congrats. Both names are very pretty, but Morgan is the best pick. Now you will have a story to tell her for life. Hunter looks every happy and I am sure that he will make the best big brother ever. All the guys better watch out in the future.

Many years of happiness!!!

Cindy Mooney

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