Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Proud Daddy - (click on images to zoom photos)

Daddy was AMAZING through the entire thing.

4 Personal Thoughts:

April said...

Gorgeous!! Congrats to your entire family! Babies are such a wonderful blessing...enjoy her, I know you will.

The Haynes Family said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! Get PLENTY of REST!

Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yeah! Hannah has a playmate! ENJOY and try to rest the best you can. I would love to bring over dinner some night soon- call me. :)

Megan Sommer said...

congrats honey! she is so beautiful and so are you. I got so excited when i got your email last night that she was the name too!
btw... thank you for the gift, you were so sweet to do that... i have not opened it yet as i want to wait til the shower so everyone can see, megan

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