Monday, April 28, 2008

Morgan update - Specialist Visit Today

Today Morgan went to see a Pediatric Cardiology Specialist about her heart murmur.  Sadly to say it is still there, BUT... it is very small and the area of where the murmur is the good news is that the two flaps that are supposed to be closed, are at least overlapped and are hitting each other.  The doctor feels that they will eventually slap together and stick and close the murmur.  
However if it doesn't close on it's own he said that it is small enough that it shouldn't disrupt her day to day life and shouldn't be of any concern until later in on adult life (50 plus years of age). 

He is going to send her pediatrician a letter so he can monitor it at her appointments and then the specialist will see her again in one year.

Little girl did NOT like all the test and wires being hooked up to her while they viewed and took pictures of her little heart.  She cried so hard and held on to my finger as tight as she could until she gave up and went to sleep.  

Although this was a bit disappointing to learn today after the last appointment encouraged us by thinking it had already closed.  We know that GOD had a plan for her and I have faith that it will close and that all will be okay.  We ask our friends and family members to continued the prayers.  

PS:  Our little piggy has gained another 9 oz in another 5 days weighing in at 8 lbs 10 oz.  Go Morgan!!!

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