Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Pics

A swaddled baby is a happy baby!!!

My little owl friend again just haggin out

Notice the shirt with the expression!!

Can anyone see Morgan??? Where is she?

I love falling asleep in my swing now. (of course with it locked, I am getting ready to take her out) :)

2 Personal Thoughts:

kristen haynes said...

This pic of her with the dog, looks alot like Hunter to me when he was younger! Awe! They are precious! Thank you for updating- I've been waiting for the dedication pics! :) I know how it goes, I need to update, I'm behind almost one week!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love her little swaddle blankets... she looks so cozy! Trevor LOVED to be swaddled, we actually had to wean him from it when he was like 4 months old! At nap times and bed times, he would lay absolutely still and let me wrap him up, then he'd just fall to sleep peacefully! For a while I thought he'd need swaddling for naps for life- but whadyaknow... he surprised us and eventually did away with it!

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