Monday, May 19, 2008

Baby Dedication May 17, 2008


What an amazing turn out we had with our friends for Morgan's 'Baby Dedication' this Saturday.  Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy lives and schedules to come and share this event with us.  

Morgan was amazing.  She slept until we got there, just before it was time to go in front of the church she did a big poop (Go Morgan!) and then once out there she was awake and alert for the whole world to see.  

She was presented with her very first children's bible and a lullaby CD.  While mommy was given a beautiful red rose.  What a great time to celebrate my little bundle of love and show her off.  

Thank you God for a wonderful and blessed filled weekend.  Thank you for this gift in my life, my little Morgan, my little girl.  Amen.

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Megan Sommer said...

ok so how in the world did you do that... make your hyperlinks... you know the ones below the pics that take you to the ji-normous picture... Meg

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