Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!

I had the best mother's day ever yet this year.  I got to spend the day with my two favorite little people (Hunter and Morgan).  Actually I got to spend the day with all my favorite people, my two kitty's, my husband and my kiddos.  Gosh that still sounds weird to hear the plural part of kiddo's.  Yes I have two children, but it just seems like a dream.  I am so blessed man!!!

First Hunter came home on Friday after I attended his assembly at school in the morning.  He was awarded "Citizen of the Week" award.  (will post pics soon)  Once I got home he gave me a present with a card that he made at school for me.  It was a very pretty and sweet card and my gift was a hand painted picture frame, in which the artiest he is painted a picture of Hunter and mommy in it.  Its beautiful and I love it very much.  Also note the beautiful hand colored of the wrapping.

Sunday morning my day started out with my husband actually taking both morning feedings with Morgan.  SWEEEETTTT!!!   So I got in a couple more hours of much needed sleep.  Then he made me a HUGE breakfast.  After that we went to Hunter's hockey game and then invited some friends over to the pool and ordered some pizza.  Then he gave me cards from the kids, himself and a gift receipt for a "SPA DAY".  SWEEETTTT!!!! (again) 

During the day I got Happy Mother's Day text from a ton of awesome friends and a flower delivery from my husband.  I also got a card from my parents and flowers from Marks parents.  So I started my little collection of mother's day gifts on the counter so that I could take pictures of it all.  

Although the plan was to at some point get a picture of my entire family together on this day, with the baby, the plans, the activies.... it just got too hectic.  So Mark was able to get at least one picture of me and both my kids at some point before the day came to a full end.  

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