Tuesday, May 13, 2008

1-Month old Yesterday and 1st boo-boo

Morgan inside her sling while attending Hunter's assembly at school Friday.  She loves it!!!

We also stopped by to say hi to daddy and all his co-workers at the office. 

My little girl turn a whole month old yesterday.  :( 

She had her doctor's check-up as well and was a very big and brave girl.  First of all they wanted a urine sample so they took this plastic bag that had sticky stuff on the top opening of it and stuck it.... (well there where you collect "urine").  It was surely a funny sight to see this on my little angel.

Then they measured her height (21 1/2), her head (forgot) and weight (9 lbs 9 oz). As of now she is in the 75 percentile of height and just a little under 75 percentile in weight.  She is growing perfectly.  The pediatrician listened carefully to her heart again and still does not hear the murmur and says he wouldn't be surprised if it has closed by now.  

What we didn't know going into the doctors today was that she would have to get her first shot.  It was so sad to watch.  As I held her arms and talked to her and as the needle makes it's way through her flesh in her right thigh.  She blinks as to think about what it was she just felt before letting out the biggest cry ever to the point where she couldn't catch her breath.  I pick her up and sooth her and with in 30 seconds she's fine and looking very cute with her bugs bunny band-aid. 

Oh and we also learned that my little girl is in fact colic.   For she is perfect and calm all hours of a full day except for the hours of 9-12 pm at night. So we switched her to a new formula Enfamil LIPIL (Nutramigen).  WOW, is this stuff expensive!!!  I have to say though that in 4 days I have seen a big difference in her.  

We also watched this video called "The Happiest Baby on the Block" in which I posted a picture to the right of my blog.  It talks about the five S's to calming down any baby.  I was one of the parents that thought my child didn't like to be swaddled, but last night we tried 3 of the 5 S's, swaddling, laying her on her side and swinging.  Guess what? My daughter went right to sleep last night at 9:00 pm (the first for her) and slept all night, only to wake every 3- 4 hours to eat.  WOW!!! Each time I got up to feed her, after a burp, I would swaddle her back up, put her on her side and swing her in my arms. She had never fallen asleep so fast.  I have to say I am impressed.

Anyways....here are some pictures of her first boo-boo!!! 

3 Personal Thoughts:

Megan Sommer said...

hey there... read your new post... did you ever watch the dunstan baby language... i was thinking maybe i should send you my copy to barrow and you can send me your copy of the happiest baby on the block...what do you think?
Love, Megan

jen said...

i told you that dvd is amazing!!! We still swaddle hannah if she is having trouble sleeping! Get some gripe water for the colic...it's great! little tummies is not all natural, so go for baby's bliss or wellements...baby's bliss is at walgreens and whole foods. we used it every evening for a long time!

outlaw jones family said...

We are doing well, baby 2 should be here early October. Things are going pretty smoothly, the first couple of months were a little yuck, but no complaints right now. As for my blog, I have no idea what I am doing as you can tell from the jumbled layout I just posted.

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