Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forgotten Post:

We took Morgan to the pool the weekend before this last weekend, and again this weekend.  We got her a little float and she absolutely loved the water.  She stayed both weekends in the water for almost an hour and then both times as well, feel asleep for half an hour.  After a little snoozer we went home.  The first weekend it was just mommy and daddy, this weekend Val and Payton joined us.  Hunter would have been there but he had a hockey game way up North, but never fear-o (a quote from Higgley Town Hero's a child show if you didn't know), I got a picture of him and Morgan when he got home Saturday.  He still had his travel hockey warm-up suit on.

1 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

The picture of Morgan wrapped in a towel and face covered? My favorite. I still cover Charlie's face with her little security blanket when she goes to sleep. It's the only way she can tune out everything and fall asleep

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