Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bakugan Brawl Part 3

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If you read some of my recent post, I have been talking about 'Bakugans'.  If not click HERE and HERE to read up on the other two post about Bakugans'.

This past weekend, Toys R Us in Boca actually held a "Live Bakugan Brawl".  So of course Hunter had to go and check it out.  He was so excited all night and all that morning before.  When we were in the car, he was a little chatty box. Which means he is nervous and excited.  He was asking all kinds of questions, saying "can't we get there any faster mom?" and going over all his plans for this event.  

One of his friends (Anthony) was there waiting for Hunter to arrive.  While driving there we ran into his best friend from school (Jasen) at a traffic light, also going to the "Bakugan Brawl".  As my husband said "it is like the World Series of Poker for Kids".  And no kidding, it really looked that way too with how all the tables were set up and kids were everywhere surrounding the tables.  It was a mad house! There had to be at least 30 plus something kids at this thing.  

How it goes it that you sign up, they go down the list and call out your name.  The first 12 are up (only 2 can battle at one table).  You pick your 3 Bakugans, your 3 ability cards and your 3 battle cards.  There are hundreds of Bakugans' so if you were to use all of them the game would last for hours, just like Poker.  LOL  

As each battle begins, the one that lost leaves the table, the next name on the list is called up and battles.  This goes on until you come down to your last 2 finalist.  

So Hunter was called in round two for his battle.  He was so excited and a bit nervous.  He and his buddies talked out their plan of attacks.  To make a long story short, he lost his battle, but left saying "this was the best day of my life".  

So cute!!!! 

3 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

cute pics of your little man.
I'm likin' the collages! What software? I've got Adobe PSElements (an old version).
do share



Donna said...

I work at Spin Master, the company that makes Bakugan. Please tell Hunter that we are so happy to see what a master Battle Brawler he is! We're glad he has as much fun with it as we do. Reading your post has really made my day. Bakugan Brawl! :)

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