Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bakugan Brawl Part 2

Hunter came home from school Monday and we were doing homework, talking about his day at school and his upcoming birthday. I pretty much know already what he is asking for this year on his birthday (anything related to Bakugan). 

During our conversation we decided to go online and look at some Bakugan items that he is interested in, one being the actual Bakugan battle tray.  I didn't even know it existed because Hunter is so creative he actually designed his own, cut it out of paper, taped it and colored it himself.  

As we were looking over things, my blog page popped up because it is set as my "home page" when you hit the internet browser. He saw the name Bakugan Brawl and the picture I posted for that post.  He quickly stopped me in my tracks to go any further, for he had to see what that was he just saw.  I told him that I shared with everyone on our family site our Bakugan battle, and told everyone how he beat me.  He asked me to read it to him and so I did.  When I was finished he had such a proud smile on his face (I love that look on him).  He said "great story mom, and its okay if you didn't win, you played great." Gotta love kids!

Well, after we were done Hunter went to his room to play, he came back to me about 20 minutes later with a note book.  He had wrote his own story of our battle that took place.  It so cute.  He asked me to read it out loud and two things wonderful come from this...1.  I can actually read clearly what he writes, he has beautiful writing and like his mommy he enjoys writing without leaving out details.  2. He feels so big and proud (as he should) knowing he wrote that and that I can read it.  It's like it confirms that he has reached "big kid" land.

It seemed no matter how I tried to get a picture of this letter he wrote (scanning, taking a picture of it), I couldn't get it to come out all that clear.  Here is what it says:

Bakugan's by Hunter #1 (that his his number in his homeroom class - its a habit to put it on his papers)

(page 1)
Bakugan brawl comes from the word bakugan brawlers
its a fun game
there are 6 types fire, water, wind, ground, dark and nonsens ( nonsense)
I like dark I have 33 bakugan and 37 cards I like to battel (battle) my mom
she is very good for a girl (thanks son) 
she has battel'd (battled) me 3 times she has beet (beat) my best bakugan 
thats so cool she likes wind types because they are strong and they are green
and the cards are medal inside it's cool.  

(page 2)
As you now no (know) me and my mom like to brawl
well we brawled last night
I won so what (underlined it) she is good for a mom
she almost beet (beat) me
she is so good. she is in my club (yes the Bakugan Club!)
she is a wind type she is so cool
she beet (beat) 3 of my bakugans she so good 
she use'es (uses) my bakugans she has straduges (strategies).

2 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

You are such a good mommy. Doing stuff like this may not seem like a big deal to us now, but it will be appreciated and remembered in the future a lot by Hunter. It's such a cute way to bond...coming down to his "level" and participating in the things he loves. Isn't that what God does? Good for you, Misty!


wow misty you are in the club! that is awesome iam sure you were hand picked it is so hard to get in that club,these are moments that you and hunter will cherish forever amen , all good mommies one time or another have to play and be a kids with our kids and guess what we actually love it, and its scary when i play the american girl kit adventures on the ds with gabby or play the bowaling on the will we have a blast and make a fun family night , i too never have won i do well on the will but have not beat gabby!:) The letter was so cool to see that he wrote and thought of this all by himself thats the moments that i adore. see the privite school is paying off he can writeand thought pattern is there, way to go hunter!

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