Thursday, October 2, 2008

Not Me! Monday -

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No, I am not posting this on Thursday evening, although this really did happen on Monday. I am not telling the truth, and I do not swear nor lie. This story is not 100% true and I did not really have these conversations with my 7 year old little boy this week.

Again, this did not take place on Monday, while I picked up my 7-year old from school. I did not get there on time today, since I did not put Morgan (my 5 month old) down for her nap earlier. While getting off our exit, I did not realize I needed to drop off our Block Buster Rental and hand it over to my 7 year old little boy, while saying "put this in the drop box when I pull up to the curb", to realize just as quick as I handed it to him, he was already ready the movie title of "Sex in the City".  No, I did not talk my husband into watching it with me.  Because he has not actually seen more episodes than I have.  For I have not watched only maybe, say like 3 episodes ever. So my husband was not telling me who everyone in the movie was and the history of their characters so I could understand the move a little better.  No, he really did not know THAT much about this girly TV show, because he really did not use to watch it when it was the show to watch, because he is such a guy and he would not dare be caught watching a chick TV show like that. No way, Not him! 

So no, I really DID NOT with out thinking just hand over the DVD rental of "Sex in the City" to my 7-year old son and say to him to put it in the drop box when I pull up to the curb.  While he didn't read the title and then ask me "What is Sex in the City". And no I did not try to avoid the question, while I was imagining myself pounded my head on the steering wheel because of the stupid thing I did not just do.  

I did not tell him that it was about these 4 girls who were really good friends for many years, who live in the city of New York.  I did not continue by saying that they experienced a lot of life together, through good things, bad things, sad things and relationship stuff.  While some got married, some had kids, some had many boyfriends and some didn't know what they wanted.  I did not cut my son off when he tried to say something about the movie, because I was not in fear of what he was going to ask me, when all of the sudden he did not get his question out anyways and ask "just like you and Mark when you guys have good days and bad days, you call your friends." No, he did not just really say that to me.  

No, I did not hand my son the DVD rental of "Sex in the City".... NOT ME!!!! 


Please, do not think that I would ever do something like this, because I would not and did not.  No way, NOT ME!  I would never think that my son would come home from school and tell me that all the teachers wore this pink ribbon to support 'Breast Cancer' at school today.  He did not ask me if I had 'Breast Cancer' while I was changing into my PJ's getting ready for bed.  I did not assure him that I did not have breast cancer, but that mommy had "Skin Cancer" and that is why I had to have surgery on my forehead.  And with out thinking, I did not look in the mirror while my son was still in the room with me, start a mini self breast examination, sort of feeling them out for any lumps, since I do not forget to check them over as I should.  Because he did get me to thinking about "Breast Cancer" and  my aunt, cousin and grandmother are survivors of it.

No way, did I then hear him say "are you looking for breast cancer?" when I did not reply by saying "does one of mommy's breast look bigger than the other" and no he did not confirm that my left breast was a "little tiny bigger than the right", while reassuring me that "I am still the same pretty mommy to him, and it didn't matter because no one sees them any way but my family in the house." LOL No, I didn't just have that whole conversation tonight with my son.  NOT ME!!! 


Aside from my NOT ME! stories, and before I get some silly comments from others.  When you are a mom it is very hard as is to have any privacy to yourself. Kids and toddlers just feel they have the right to walk in when ever they choose, and they do of course unless the door is locked, and then you get the constant knocking until you actually answer them. 

For most of Hunter's life and living as a single mom, I have always been very real, honest and open with Hunter. I have always acted as though seeing mommy in the flesh was no big deal, as it is no big deal to see him in the flesh.  I do not want my son thinking that "nudity" is this big deal so that when he does see it or is some how exposed to it then it becomes a huge deilima and he acts silly about it.  Instead, he is very comfortable about his own body, and talks to me when things are wrong with him.  He does not feel weird or a shame in anyway towards me or his dad about our body or his own body. He DOES understand that only mommy, daddy and his doctor are the only ones allowed to look at his body.  His doctor just had the same conversation with him a month ago while getting his physical.  So when my son does see me getting in the shower, or out or changing my clothes, he does not sit and stare at me as if he has never seen it before. In fact it doesn't even cross his mind.  

When he sees his little sister getting her diaper changed or a bath, he doesn't giggle and act all silly because he is seeing her in the nude.  Because of my openness and honesty to my son, he sees nudity as just life and no big deal.  It is no big deal. He understands it stays in the "home" and that we are family and that we keep it private around school and friends. He does act very mature for his age about it and I like it that way.  So hopefully when he gets into high school and the other boys are acting all silly about it because it was kept hidden from them and made out to be a bigger deal than it should have been. Hopefully Hunter will still remain as mature about it and will instead be able to focus on other things in life a little more.  

Although asking my son about the size of my breast being bigger than the other, probably wasn't the smartest.  O'well, I did NOT think before I spoke and it is okay. He is not traumtized by any of this, I promise.  After all he was asking me about breast cancer and while being honest with him and explaining to him what it was, and being open and real with my son as I always am, I don't think the conversation could have gone any smoother and realistic than it did.  Its over with. I won't be doing that again, because Hunter is getting of the age where I am teaching him that there comes a point where he will want privacy and will in return need to give mommy her own privacy too.  I am doing at our own pace (what I feel works for us), so not to make him feel that "all of the sudden, being nude is different, strange or wrong".  

Heck, when it was just him and I living together he knew what a "menstrual cycle was and meant" as age two!!!  Beside, any other little boy that is possibly made to feel weird about seeing a girl in the nude, probably couldn't have given such an honest and mature response back as Hunter did.  So it goes to show that to him, it really is NO BIG DEAL..... so lets keep it that way folks! 

So no - I did not just write my explanation above to basically say to any of those thinking about sending me a comment to complain or lecture me about my "mothering" style to my 7 year old son, to just put a sock in it.  I wouldn't think of being so HONEST and telling you to just keep your comments to yourself, unless they're positive comments and laughing with me.  No, I did not just say all of that either,  NOT ME!!!!!  

PS:  No, my husband and I have not been teaching Hunter how to play poker, and no we did not as a family play poker with our 7 year old little boy before sending him off to bed.  No, we are not exposing my son to Poker, Nudity and Sex in the City..... as bad as all this looks in this post, we really ARE GOOD PARENTS!!!!  (SMILING) 

4 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

You crack me up. The "Not Me Mondays" is fun! Maybe I'll give it a try.

You knwo I think there are a lot of men out there that watched more "Sex and the City" episodes than we women did. I watched EVERY SINGLE episode when I was in college (for fashion purposes only, of course) but then when I married Josh he confessed that he watched every episode too.

Good post, Misty! And who are we to tell you how to mother your children? You do what seems best for your family. My sister who is a mother of two boys highly reccomends Dr. James Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys". I hear every parent that have a boy should read this book; it gives insight on how to raise good, godly boys that will grow up into honorable men.


NO BAD COMMENTS HERE! BEING OPEN AND HONEST IS THE KEY TO GREAT PARTENTING! KIDS NEED A EXPLANATION EVERY NOW AND THEN AND WE ARE THE SAME WAY WITH OUR CHILDREN, IF YOU ARE OPEN AND HONEST LEAVES NO ROOM FOR CONFUSSION AND THAT UN COMFORT FEELING. GOOD JOB MISTY. I HAVE BEEN READING MAC-MAMAS POST FOR A WHILE AND besides praying for stellan on oct 29 th wow , LOVE WHEN SHE STARTED THIS ON MONDAYS, I DID NOT ALLOW GABBY TO STAY WITH ME AND WATCH GENERAL HOSPTIAL AND when MY HUBBY ASKED A QUESTION ? SHE ANSWER THATS CARLY SHE SLEPT WITH HER OLD FLAM SONNY ONCE AGAIN HOWEVER SHE IS MARRIED TO JAX BUT JAX IS SOMETIMES BORNING AND CARLY NEEDS TO FEEL LOVED, NO THAT IS HER BFF JASON NOT HER HUSBAND DAd. OH A COMMERICAL FOR Dr.90210 came on and gabby did not say mom Dr. Rey and his family are going camping tonight we need to watch that one , no she didnt say that in front of my hubby looking at me as if i allow her to snuggle with me and take a glimpse at those not for 8 year old shows children. no not me!! open and being honest is the key! right misty!!! my daughter did not say to my mother coming out of the shower do i have a big butt like kim kardashian this did not happen.this is a fun post and should be taken fun so lighten up people please do not judge. I do not want to be the mom in church this weekend and a fellow blogger say is gabby still watching gh, and 90210 cause ill act as if i do not know what you are saying no not me , we do not watch tv iam sorry you must be thinking of someone else. take care my friend!!!!

Jennifer said...

Love your not-me post mama! It's real...that's all that counts. I picked up a couple of pamphlets for at the MOPS convention. I'll email you to get your address and will send them out this week.
Been thinking of ya!
PS - thank your daughter for your boobies - or lack of symmetry, that is. I'm in the same boat - but don't give a darn. I'm still bringin' sexy back! :0)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I love raising a boy, everything about it is different, and this unique exchange is a prime example. Our boys WILL grow up to be well rounded, confident men - love it!!

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