Friday, October 10, 2008

What's going on?

Something has come over my princess and I don't know what to do?

1.  Since introducing her to all the different flavors of 'real' food over the last month and half, she is starting to refuse the bottle.  I know she still needs to get in her formula amounts but what is one to do when she refuses the bottle?  She LOVES her 'foods' now, in which I still mix in with rice and formula, but that is a little under 2 oz with the rice.

2.  She is starting to get where she rather be put in her crib when tired, to fall asleep on her own, versus having me or daddy rock her to sleep.  I love rocking her to sleep.  (Wiping a tear from my check)  :(  

3.  She refuses to even try to crawl.  She is perfectly content just sitting in things (swing, high chair or bouncy chair) or even just rolling around on the floor.  

I can surely tell the difference in personalities already between her and her brother.  Hunter was trying to crawl by now.  Morgan is in no rush.  

Hunter had 4 teeth by now, Morgan seems to just be "teething" for nothing.  LOL 

Hunter had to be rocked to sleep.  Morgan seems to like a little bit of both.

Hunter screamed in the car seat no matter the distance we went.  Morgan can't seem to stay awake in the car seat no matter the distance we go. 

What is going on with my princess???  

3 Personal Thoughts:


shes growing up, i know the differences are crzy, same here

I have two girls and gabby was more advanced then emmy, emmy is sturborn and wants to do things on her own,

she only sat stright and rolled around for at least 10 months gabby was walking at 9 months excatly cause her birthday is new years and I remember her walking to the christmass tree.
and almost taking it down,

emmy had no zumf (hurry) to walk at all or crawl for that matter, she finilly started after I crazy mom took her to the doctor and asked for a x-ray on her legs to see if something was slowing her down, and nothin she is just that slow.

kills me, but after getting those shoes from nordstorms she walked so fast I believe it was 14-15 months , crazy. the two are different in so many ways I believe that Gabby was so easy and with Emmy I am stuggling with diffent issues .

never the less I love them both dearly.

misty morgan is testing what she can do and what she can not , its so normal in a baby, every thing is so new to them, and wiTh the bottle, if you maybe cut the food intake a bit so thAt she wants a bottle might help, she might be getting so full on a full large jar of food thats why the bottle is not interesting any more.
but she is doing all the signs of a healthy normal baby girl, each child is different,I said THE SAME THING to THE Doc last vist, gabby was this ,this ,thiS at 2 I had her potty trained and ready to go. Emmy for get it she rather strip to her naked selF and sit and dance on the talking pottery and the non talking one then do her business, its a big challange that is for sure. but in time they will be ok, and I wish that Emmy would sleep in her bed ha thats a joke she rather sleep in her chair then her bed and always comes to my bed and is a sleeping log, put her in her bed ha what a joke shes running all around the house. hang in their it will all work out . but she looks so cute playing around !!!!

daniella said...

Morgan is her own selft, that's what!

I wouldn't be worried about anything you worte about in this post, except rejecting formula. Call your pediatrician and see what he/she says. Maybe she's getting too full from her big girl meals? I say as long as she's pooping once a day and peeing regularly and thriving then you're ok.

One good way to get plenty of calcium is givng her baby yogurt. She'll LOVE it! I started Charlie on that when she was 6 months and the dr. sait it's ok. Also, broccoli has good calcium too so if you give her baby food that has broccoli in it then that will help too.

Charlie was the same way: she prefered falling asleep in her crib on her own. Our little girls are independent aren't they?

Charlie didn't start crawling till she was 8 months. Her first two teeth didn't come out till she was 10 months.

Morgan is totally normal, no worries.

Jennifer said...

I think little Morgan is just branching out...checking out the invisible boundaries around her!
Stay touch mama! And, don't sweat the formula stuff....and her "needing" a certain amount for nutrients. Just make sure she's hydrated!

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