Monday, December 29, 2008

2 Urgent Prayer Request -

1.  Stellan - You have heard the name, if not from my own blog, then reading the famous MckMama blog. Stellan is my favorite living miracle story, that I love to share and brag to people about.  One of God's "showing off" gifts to us all.  A quick update, Stellan was diagnosed with a heart condition at 24 weeks in the womb and was said he would surely die before birth or soon after.  God, having the last say, healed Stellan and he was born healed and healthy.  Although, doctors said there was a chance the heart condition could appear with in the first 3 months or so of his life, he is 8 weeks and has no sign of it returning.  However, he is VERY sick with RSV, and in the hospital.  He has stopped breathing a couple of times and seems to not want to stabilize for the doctors yet.  Please click here for the details and pray, pray, pray..... that God continues to show of with this little boy.  He has a family and siblings and fans that love him very much, or have fallen in love with him, as I personally have.  He is a very sick 8 week old baby boy and needs your prayers upon him this very moment.  

2.  If you recall, I asked you to pray before, for my friend Susan, and her mom.  Her mother has been very sick this year with cancer and all types of complications, one after the other.  As of this Christmas holiday, they have finally had to place her in a hospice home.  I am very heartbroken over this.  My friend Susan is as strong as a rock, and although she tries hard to not show it, I know she is in pain.  I can't imagine the amount of pain, but I do try my best to be that one constant friend in her life that she can always depend on, talk with and even feel safe to cry on or with.  She is a single mom of a beautiful little man  of 8 years old, Tristan, but we call him "T-man." 

Her mother is not doing well at all.  She keeps going in and out of conscience and they thought she was going to lose her battle last week, but seemed to come a little more alert the other day.  I have not spoken with Susan since Friday, for I know this is very hard for her.  She is spending this time with her mom, family and son.  Please, keep this family in your prayers.  Please keep my friend Susan in your prayers, for she is the only daughter and she is very close to her mother.  This is a very lonely, scary and difficult time for my friend.  Thank you.  

4 Personal Thoughts:

The Thompson's said...

Our prayers have been with Stellan for quite some time now just as have yours. We will pray now also for Susan and her Mother.

Courtney said...

Oh, the emotions that you just elicited....I lost my own mother to ovarian cancer 3 1/2 years ago. I'm her only daughter and we were so close...she was my best friend, and I was hers. We moved her into a hospice home as well, and the only thing I can say about that is what a blessing. The whole philosophy encompassed by hospice care is amazing...they focus on keeping the patient comfortable and happy. And I was right there with her when God called her home

I am so very sorry that your friend is going through this. I will most certainly keep her in my prayers. And I pray that she grieves with the knowledge that she will see her again one day and dance with her for all eternity.

...and I have been praying for Stellan, too, NON-STOP!

Courtney in Indiana

Aspiemom said...

I'll add Susan's mother (& Susan) to my list.

I'm starting to think about making a "Prayer" section on my blog. I'd rather have a link to a whole page instead of just putting them in a column. I have to think about how I'd do it - maybe a separate blog of prayer requests and link it to my regular one?

Anyhow, been praying for Stellan and will add Susan and her mom. That is so hard!

AmandaHoyt said...

I will be praying for Susan's mom and her family. I know how hard it is once hospice comes...we went through that with my husband's dad...
I am praying for Stellan too.
Hugs and prayers,

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