Saturday, December 27, 2008

Morgan's Scene in Marley and Me (38 seconds of fame)

Pause music to left

Morgan's Scene
(two weeks old)

Morgan watching the movie

Asleep on Daddy

Rolling in undercover to hide from paparazzi

Alright! Alright! A few quick smiles for all my fans! 

I'm "Patrick" in the flick folks! I was in character! 

6 Personal Thoughts:


awesome i want her autograph please ! looks like family is doing real good back together huh good for you i'm happy on another note bad new stallen turned blue and is in the hosptial please say a prayer for him!

daniella said...

Oh, she was so little! I'm sure everyone agreed that she was too pretty to star as a boy.

Your little superstar is growing up too fast.

Courtney said...

So cute!!! Did anyone there know they were amongst a celebrity??

Thanks for sharing, Misty!


Aspiemom said...

That is so neat! Love that little "undercover" comment! lol I'd like her autograph, but guess she's not into handwriting yet, is she? Maybe a handprint?

I love to see pictures of your family altogether at events. I'm so happy about that!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic way to capture one of those fleeting moments of her tiny tiny babyhood! Thanks for sharing Misty! I can't wait to see the movie...though at this rate I'm thinking it might be a while! ;-)

Keri said...

So exciting!!! I will have to go see the movie even though I have heard it is a real cry fest!!

Email me your address and I'll send off a Christmas card!!

Have you read MckMamma's blog recently?? Scary times for them!

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