Monday, January 5, 2009

He's home!!!

And right back in my arms where I need him the most!!!! As I mentioned in a recent post, he was with his daddy for the last week for his share of winter recess.  

Now he is back, and boy was Morgan excited to see her brother!

I always feel complete when everyone is home sleeping under the same roof.  

And, yes, Hunter still sleeps with dots the puppy and his yellow blanky. Isn't he so sweet?

Don't you just want to snuggle right in with them and go to sleep.  I think I may just go do that now.  


5 Personal Thoughts:

The Thompson's said...

Thats so great! Hunter we are all so glad you are back and home safely!!!

Courtney said...

What a doll baby!

The BlogFrog thing...this is how I understand it. The first time you visit someone's blog with the BlogFrog widget (if you are ALSO a member of BlogFrog), your name will appear. However, it only appears once in a 24 hour period from one IP address. Now, if someone else pops over to their blog because they clicked on a link from your blog, then your name will appear again, because it's from a different IP address, but was referred from your site. Does that make sense?


The Thompson's said...


Your comment on Taylor Talk was really funny too. I think the way you say naked and groin is just part of the texas accent you have. You shood heer me taahk. One of my wife's favorite things I say is fanger instead of finger.

Hope that made you smile like it does my wife, and I really say fanger. Sounds so redneck back woods I know.


oh i want to snuggle with hunter bunter he looks so warm and cozy. they all have there little things they sleep with gabby has a lamb puppy. and emma has a pig and lola and a puppy too, too cute hey what ever makes you feel safe to sleep no matter what age right ! i agree its safer feeling when every one is tucked away in there beds makes you feel at ease to sleep. oh misty awsome job on the blogs that you have done . i love how you did that army theme my husband being a army vet was inpressed he was 82nd airbore thought you covered it with the flags and the boot and the tags awesome those all captured his attention, wow a man that capptured attention to details rare isn't he! but i too loved it give yourself a pat on the back and sadd this to your long list of achiviements girl.

on another note having issues with te bloger frog me too i am not sure why i never seem to appear on some blogs and they do not appear on mine and they have the bloger frofg and they were there cause they left comments strange. if you figure it out give me a heads up. i was not sure also why it said this is for the make a wish and mine until now did not , confussing. well have a great day friend!

Aspiemom said...

What an advertisement for something like beautiful skin or fresh linen...a peaceful, cuddly, clean shot! Love it!

I'm glad he's home with you.

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