Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have a busy day..... but I will try to post tonight!

For I know some of you are just sitting on the edge of your chairs, anxious to hear about my cruise trip with the family, right?  Not!!!  Right now I am getting ready to do the following:

1.  Go with my friend Lisa to her doctors appointment.  She is about 4 week away from having her 3rd child, and 2nd little boy.  She is the one that I will be photographing the delivery for.

2.  Running a couple of boxes of groceries over to a friend that is in need of help. Our church is doing a series called "The Bailout" and trying to help those that are hurting from lost jobs, our church offered up to help families out by providing them enough groceries for their household for an entire week. So I am taking the food to my friend to let her know she is not alone and that she is not forgotten.

3.  I needed to get my nails done BEFORE the cruise, but that didn't happen.  Thought I could then get them done ON the cruise, but that didn't happen.  Now, lets just say that my nails need some much needed love now and so I am going to try and get them done today.

4.  While hoping Morgan takes a little nap in the car, I then am going to the UPS store to mail out Lisa's baby shower invites that I put together last night.  I am so excited about her shower.  Myself and two other girls are hosting it and it is coming together so beautifully.  

5.  Then by time all of the above is done, I will need to go sit in a car line for 30 minutes to pick up Mr. Handsome from school.  Mr. Handsome went Zip-Lining in Cozumel Mexico with mommy and...... (well you will just have to wait for me to post the rest to that story!)

6.  After I pick up Hunter, I have to get the kids home, fed and back out the door for Hunter's first Travel Baseball game tonight.  He is very excited about this, and so am I.  

7.  If I have time and can still stand on my feet, I need to run to the grocery store to get groceries and something for dinner.  I will have a hungry husband waiting for dinner by the time we all get back home.

8.  And just as I am unpacking from a trip and catching up on laundry, I have to the repack for  a weekend trip up to Orlando.  Hunter has a hockey tournament out there.  While we are out there, I think we are going to take Hunter to see ..... well I can't seem to find or remember the name of the show, but it's a Christian show, telling the story of Jesus.  A new live show in Disney.  Hunter has been asking a lot of questions lately about salvation and has also said he wants to be Baptized.  We have been talking a lot with Hunter about it, and I think this would be a great time and thing for him to witness and watch, before he gets Baptized.  We are very excited about this.  I have been meaning to share this for some time now, but wanted to give it some 'real' time and meaning in my post, but it all hasn't taken place yet. Ill keep you posted once it does for sure, for after all that will be the BIGGEST news for my little boy.  

Now that you have a look into my crazy day.... I better go shower now before I am late to my first meeting of the day.

God Bless! 

Today's Quote

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

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Oh buy waer do I start:

first of all what a busy and exciting day planed huh. Please wish Lisa well and I know that baby shower is going to be so beautiful and special I am so very happy for her.

How exciting about mr hunter bunter wanting to get baptizied that is the most bleeesd news of the day.Please keep me posted I sure like to be at that service and watch him be blessed .

On last Mother's day my daughter and I did get baptized together and wow it was something special . I will never forget that moment ever. so special.

Misty's Rice's nails need tlc I can not believe that lol oh gosh you do have flaws after all. get those babies done you hear...

Well friend have a blessed day with all your errands.

btw if I were you I would oreder out for dinner .

Melanie said...

My goodness girl you got me tired just reading your "to-do" list. I am sure you will get everything accomplished today even giving your nails TLC! I am really excited to hear about Hunter asking those "questions!" Have a great day!

Courtney said...

Yippee! Look who's home! You were indeed missed in the bloggy world...

Busy lady...great news about Hunter...just makes my heart smile. :)

And I concur with Michelle...get Chinese take-out or something! The grocery will be there tomorrow. :) Can't wait to hear all about your trip!


ChristmasQueen said...

I saw Marley and Me and kept my eyes peeled for your little one. Wow, what a gorgeous little girl she is!

That movie was so sad...like a Steel Magnolias about animals...and Jenn has never looked better. She looked like a million dollars. I'm so sick of the trashy mags making her seem so sad and desperate. Jenn was at her best ever. So jealous you got to meet her :]

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