Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 4.0

We are taking the challenge by being forced to post a picture that we may not like, or that may be embarrassing to us or one of nothing much, but sits there in our file of pictures.  We were to find a picture in November 2007, and the 44th picture in that file. If you do not have 44 pictures, then you get the next picture closest to 44 in that file (39,37,28 etc.)  I only have 34 pictures in my November 2007 file, and this is the last picture in that file.  

This picture actually brings back different emotions.  It was the day I was told we were having a little girl, AFTER we were already told a couple a months or so BEFORE we were having a BOY!  On this day, I was in shock, in tears, laughing, happy and disappointed all in matter of seconds.  

I wanted another little boy.  I was told I was having a little boy. We told everyone we were having a boy. We already narrowed down the two names we liked for him.  I was ready for a little boy.  When I saw this on the screen I knew instantly without the tech having to tell me, he was a she.  After the shock set it and I finally reset my mind from boy stuff to girl took forever to decide on a girl name. To the point we changed Morgan's name from MacKenzie, the day she was born.  I had a hard time getting into all the pink stuff and girl names.  

Now that she is here, I am so thrilled and so in love and so happy to have my little Butterfly girl.  She is the cherry on top of makes our family complete.  This picture will always be very special to me, to our family forever and ever!!!  

Its kind of funny, I thought for sure I would have had a picture of Hunters birthday or from Thanksgiving as my phone, since his birthday is November 27th.  It was a nice surprise to have landed on this photo and quickly be reminded about the day I knew my little girl was growing inside my belly. 

Now for the RULES: 1. Stick to the Month, year & picture number selected for the week. If you do not have a 13th picture move back to the 12th, 11th, 10th, and so on until you do have a picture in that months folder. 2. Link back here when you put your post up on your blog so others can join in on the fun too! 3. sign up on Mister Linky, only once, and keep the name field short. 4. Have fun!

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ok confused is this in the moth of nov or any month , my pictures are set up in sections of month s and what events took place ? let me know I'm game to play.


what a greta memory post misty, and well look at the bighter side God you you both to love and have for ever now that is amazing huh..

and l;ook at it this way mogan was a cute adorabe patrick in a # 1 best viewd movie of the year so maybe a tomboy will be in the cards for girly morgan .

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh, I love it! What a great memory. :)

And I promise I'll get to acknowledging the award you gave me...I feel like there's so much I need to catch up on! Enjoy your weekend!


Wibeche og Rune said...

All the children are a blessing from God:)
We have three girls and I love it. It would be fun to have a boy to, but now we are done. Three is enough.

Have a blessed weekend:)


Janet said...

Sugar and spice! My grandmother always used to say (and she only had 3 boys) that you must have been very good in your life for God to bless you with a daughter! I only have 1 child, a girl and she's nearly 21. She is my life .... I would have loved for her to have a brother though, but that was not part of God's plan!

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

What a great memory......I love how searching for these pictures gives a chance to look back and remember events........Imagine how it would have been to not find out the baby was actually a baby until she was born!

Lyndsay said...

What a great way to travel down memory lane. This just happened to my friend except it was the other way around. She has 4 boys and was told she was having a girl. She had everything for and girl! She didn't find out ahead of time that they were wrong though. Only when HE popped out!!! They were certainly surprised.

The Golf Widow said...

That's a great story. Better then than in the delivery room!

Your family is beautiful!!!

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