Thursday, January 29, 2009

Through The Years My Beautiful Boy

Dear Hunter -

I wanted to write this letter to you on your birthday this past November, but time keeps us very busy these days,  running you around to your hockey games, practices, birthday parties, baseball and taking care of your sister.  

I can't believe that you are 8-years old, Boo. You are amazingly smart, witty, athletic, sensitive, loving, strong and the best big brother ever, and son anyone could ask for.  I say that with my heart and soul.

I am, me, today, because of you, Hunter.  You made me the women I have become.  You came in to my life with out warning, and surprised me in ways that I could never explain, but will never forget.  You changed my view on life, people, God and myself.  You were my first real love.  I thought I knew love, but I really had no clue, until the day I met you face to face.  I remember that day like none other, November 27th!

November 27th, was a typical sunny day in Florida.  I had my weekly doctors appointment that morning to see how my growing boy was doing.  Only to find out that you would be making your presence known to all the world this day.  I was not happy about it, because I was scared, I was not mentally ready, my mom was not in town yet....this wasn't the "plan", my plan! You and God, out voted me and had your own agenda, in which we would all submit to and follow.

Although, I was ready for you at the house.  I had just finished your room the day before and sat down and wrote you a 3 page letter on November 26th, telling you how ready I was for you to be here.  I guess you heard my thoughts and off to the hospital I go to be induced. I was leaking amino fluids, doing so could cause an infection to get inside your protected world and cause you to become very sick.  Taking no risk, my induction has begun and the contraction are kicking in.  I wanted to do everything naturally, no medications or anything.  

About 6 hours into everything, I was in a lot of pain and they broke my water.  O'boy..... I thought I was in pain before, I was now OFFICIALLY in pain.  Contractions were kicking my butt, I am wanting my mom to hurry up and get here from Dallas, as she caught the first flight out that she could.  The doctor finally came in and saw the pain I was in and told me, as my friend, to take the epidural.  Explaining to me that I was not getting any type of 'mother of the year' award for putting myself through unnecessary pain.  I again submitted to his request and took the epidural.  Ahhhh!!! That's much better.

I could actually lay there breathing and watch the monitors when the contractions where coming and remember it all.  I was hungry and thirsty, but was only allowed to have a pop-cycle. Things are moving along, I am dilating and effacing. You will be here soon. 

I have been in labor for 9 hours now, but my cervix wasn't wanting to soften.  The doctor came in for yet another glamorous check up on me, and tells me that I need to be open minded for a c-section if my cervix didn't fully soften.  They didn't want to put you baby under any stress and would do what was needed, when needed.  

At last my mom walks in the doors, with a bunch of tears and kisses.  Yea, my mommy was here!!! I was not going through this with out her.  The doctor and nurses fill her in on the status and then leave the room.  My mom whispers in my ear to practice pushing slowly, not too much, just enough to help the cervix to soften.  I can't feel anything waste down, I just lay there and concentrate on some practice pushing for maybe 2-3 minutes. The nurse comes in and all of the sudden I hear her say "uh I see the crown, lets get the doctor in here now." I look around and I see hustle and bustle, nurses moving things, lights being turned on, blankets being lifted off my feet and legs.  Doctor walks in and gives me one last exam and says "alright we are ready to go." 

Twelve hours from start to finish, 3 pushes later, November 27th, 2008; Hunter Dylan Brackett is born at 11:16 PM, weighing 6 lbs 8 0z, 18.5 long.  Perfect and healthy in every way!  I am forever changed and have met my first soul mate. Although I didn't picture him to be so tiny, slimy and warm all bundled up on my chest. *smiling* I would make a promise that day to be the best mother you could ever need or want.  

Oh just thinking back on that very moment makes my heart flutter and tears come to surface of my eyes.  I have been so blessed with you.  You have never been seriously sick or injured.  Although, there have been trips to the ER for stitches here and there, broken bones and just to be safe kind of runs.  For the most part you have been one healthy and active child.  You are so outgoing, friendly and have no fear in you.  I think you get that from me.  You have not only been my son, but my little buddy over the years.  Teaching me things, as I teach you things.  Sometimes beating me in board games (I wont mention the last two Yahtzee games you won).  You are so advanced in all areas of school with reading, math, spelling and many others.  You have many friends and get along with just about anyone.  You are definitely an alpha-male though.  You like to lead, take charge and have a very creative imagination.  I love it all. 

Although, it wasn't always easy and you may even remember some of the hard times we have been through.  Going through life with you by my side has made this life on earth a wonderful journey and experience.  I wouldn't change anything.  I have so many dreams for you in life.  I love watching you grow and explore.  Your mind is always ahead of the rest of you.  Asking me amazing questions, and some questions that I have to look up before I can give you the answer because I myself, didn't have the knowledge or answer to them. 

I have watched you cry, laugh, love and learn over the last 8 years.  Watching you transform into the teen and young man you will one day be.  It's sad, because I am losing my baby, but joyful, because I am witnessing your life unfold before my eyes.  Your feet now have roughness to them, your breath now smells foul first thing in the mornings, you fight with such passion that I can sometimes want to put duct-tape over your mouth,  leaving it there until you graduate from college.  You want to expand your wings and be independent, but still have this very tender child side to you. You want me to tickle your back before you fall to sleep, while not even thinking about getting into bed with out blanky or dots. It will be a sad day when you finally decide to put blanky and dots aside, to never be slept with again.  

Hunter, I hope that when you think of me and the years you have shared with me on this earth, that you also find yourself just as blessed and thankful.  We make a great mother and son team.  You are my first born, my first son and my first true love.  Without you, I am not me.  Thank you for your unconditional love.  Thank you for not caring what I look like when I wake in the mornings, or that I stink at spelling and math.  Although, you may tease me about that when you are a teen, but for now, I am thankful.  HA! 

Thank you for all the memories you have given me to always treasure away in my heart of memories. They are gifts that you will never realize you have given to me.  I miss so much about you as a walking toddler.  The way you said certain words, or the high pitch that followed every letter of the alphabet when saying them.  How you would say lellow, instead of yellow, or that you would with such seriousness in your face hold your hands out and say "is it", when you wanted to ask "where is it?" when playing hide-n-seek of your toys. 

Although, I miss all of that very much.  I am truly enjoying the you, you are today.  The boy that is still a boy. Still full of wonder.  Still loves to play with his cars and transformers and Bakugan.  Still loves to snuggle with me at nights before bed.  I know I am often busy with the baby, home, Mark and your sports stuff, but I am never too busy for a hug or kiss from you.  I am trying to capture it all and take it all in.  Slow down and don't be in such a hurry little man.  

I love you baby boy, and thank you for all 8 wonderful years you have shared with me.  I am honored to have been chosen to be in YOUR plan, your mother and that I am blessed to call you son of mine. 

Beautiful, beautiful boy..... I am so excited to see what God has planned in your life for the next 8 years, and then the next 8 years after that and that and that.  

I love you Hunter Dylan! 

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Tears are flowing .. Oh misty what a great letter to cherish for ever .. what a amazing boy you have there.

and what a memory you just created . you see thisis awesome for memeory wednesday....

you keep up the writting girl . you can tell a beautiful story and open it up to us ...

daniella said...

I got so emotional reading this that I kicked my unfinished Cup of Ramen Noodles and spilled all over the cream colored carpet. Who cares, it was way worth it.

He truly is the apple of your eye. You're raising him to be such a fine young man. I see it. One day his wife will come to you and thank you on her knees. Well, maybe not to that extreme but close. What's even more special is that (God willing) one day his child will read this post/letter and run to sit in your lap for even more stories.

If this isn't what dreams are made of, I don't know what is.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh, Misty. What a treasure this is for your son. You expressed yourself so beautifully that I was reading through my own tears. Lane is half the age of Hunter (also a Nov. birthday), and I already feel like it's going too fast.

It's so important to write all of these things down, as they fade from our memory so quickly. And for Hunter and Morgan, they will always have these words to treasure...always. My mom and dad are gone now, and I have very few things in writing from them. I know in my heart how much they loved me, but OH...what I wouldn't do for a letter like this from my mom or dad.

You're such a wonderful mother. God chose wisely, my friend. :)


Jennifer said...

That is beautifully written, Misty! What a wonderful keepsake you have written for your first love.
He will treasure this for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing it.

Wibeche og Rune said...

You make my cry:) What a beautiful letter.

God bless you.


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