Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We leave tomorrow....

That is why I am getting all these "behind" post in yesterday and today. I know all of you may not care so much about all the little silly, funny post that I want to share, but I know Granny, Papa in Texas, and Nana Jan and Papa Mark in NY and uncles and aunts in Texas, Arizona, Philly .... they do.

We leave tomorrow for our cruise. It is a family reunion cruise with some of Mark's family. I am so excited about this. I am planning on relaxing taking pictures the entire time and taking advantage of the things around me, with exploring my photography skills.

This shot was taken in Marco Island, we took her exercauser every where we went. She really loved playing in it on the beach. And look.... a tongue picture!!!! I think the colors all around her are pretty.

And who ever knew grocery shopping could be so fun. A girl can make it seem like a party where ever she goes. Playing peek-a-boo with mommy and just melting me that bright eyed smile. She even had people standing in line around us smiling and laughing. My little lime-light girl.

These pictures of Morgan on her mat, I have been meaning to post for a couple of weeks now. She has learned quit well how to take apart her mat. One day I looked over and there she was, rolling around inside of one of the squares she pulled up and popped out the center circle of. She thought she was funny. Then the other set she was trying so hard to inch her way out to grab the yellow circle that got away from her. Her efforts paid off!

Love this girl.

I have one more set of pictures that I just took this morning to post and that I will be my last post for the rest of the week and weekend. So I hope you enjoy these post and pictures I leave you with and until next week.....

Bon Voyage my blogger friends!

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nonsence i love your posts i love seeing the picture perioud. morgan is getting sosososos big . and pretty like her mama enjo the cruise mama . take lots of pictures that is an order !

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