Thursday, February 12, 2009

Anniversary Date:

We had a fabulous anniversary date.  We just LOVE Chima's Steakhouse.  We love it so much that we had our wedding rehearsal dinner there. Mark thought it would be a great idea to take us back to the beginning of where our wedding weekend started....what a great idea.  The food there is ALWAYS right on and we love that you walk in and just start eating. No waiting, no getting stuffed on appetizers, and no lines for waiting. 

We Mark, had a nice bottle of wine, tons of "Yeses" at our table. If you have eaten at Chima's you know what I mean with that.  I am surprised I didn't have to call for a stretcher to carry my honey out of there.  LOL 

The manager was doing his walk by and stopped at our table to see how we enjoyed the evening.  We smiled and expressed our contented hearts, and shared our wedding story and rehearsal dinner with him.  As we were getting ready to leave, he brings out to us a cinnamon/apple desert. Wow, was it yummy.  Neither Mark and I are big desert eaters, we never order desert, but that was very good and a really nice treat by Chima's to us for our anniversary. 

This is us leaving as stuffed pork's ourselves. 

During the day yesterday, these amazing beauties arrived at my door.  Roses and Calla Lillies.  We had Calla Lillies as the main flower in our wedding.  
As you can see the lions were liking the new plant to eat on. 

This is my little old man, Shilo.  He doesn't get much face time on 
the blog, for he is always sleeping or hiding out some place,
unless on top of my head when in bed at nights. 

Playing around with another lens. 

A little close-up of the rose.

Their new home for display, with the card that Mark had sitting out
on my computer when I woke up yesterday morning. 

So what did honey get?  

He got my love shout out on my blog for ALL the WORLD to see.  And.... then I got him a nice new pair of swim trunks and a t-shirt at the mall. He is pretty picky when it comes to that stuff, but he seemed to like them. I had them gift wrap it in nice brown/masculine paper for him to unwrap. 

The kids enjoyed our fun sitter, Devin.  She is a very sweet girl and loves kids. Morgan even gave her a good bye kiss when she was leaving last night. Too sweet.  

It was a very nice day from beginning to end.... *wink*

PS:  I leave tomorrow to Chicago with the kids. Honey will be home alone with the kitties this weekend.  I hope he enjoys the quite house, catches up with his buddy Cory and gets plenty of sleep.  Because next weekend he will have his first weekend ALONE with Morgan for 3 full days.  I am off to Tahiti that weekend to shoot an episode for 'Get Out'.   

What's in Chicago?  

Of course, I wouldn't post this and not tell you silly gooses. 

Hunter has a hockey tournament and so we will be there for that. I have never been to Chicago, and wanted to experience at least one on the road tournament with his team, and so I picked Chicago.  From what I have heard it is like -20's there.  WOW, that's gonna be cold! 

Don't worry, I will not leave you all hanging.  I have experimented for the first time some post dated post.  I have something scheduled and ready to be posted automatically for every day I am away.  Including a little fun with 'hide-and-seek your Valentines gift' for my husband, since we will not be together on Valentines day.  

I am going to pack for the weekend in one suitcase.  Can you believe that? That is almost impossible for me. I have yet done it, but I am so determined to pack as light as possible for us this weekend.  I will take my SLR camera to try and get some shots of the city, but will not have my computer with me, so be sure to leave some comments showing some love and I will be back late Sunday night.  

7 Personal Thoughts:

Melanie said...

I am so glad that you and hubby had an awesome anniversary day at Chima's.. Sounds like a really cool restaurant. Ya'll are too cute... BTW love the boots with the dress!! I have yet came out of my shell to wear my boots but you know what I will the next time the weather is nice here in Missouri!

Have a great time in Chicago and I will be praying for you and the kids for a safe trip there and back.

Take care and God bless all of you,

Aspiemom said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Your flowers are just BEAUTIFUL!

I think it's so funny that you have been to so many exotic places and yet haven't been to Chicago. Wow, Tahiti! We don't get "Get Out" on our DirectTV pkg., so make sure we see lots of pictures, Misty!

Have fun in Chicago!

The Rice's said...

YAY on a wonderful night with your hunny. :D I hope you have a great time in Chicago...I am SOOO glad that we dont have a wind-chill factor here...cuz -20 its FREEZING without it... (good luck)


Im feeling pretty good, for the first 8 weeks or so...i had NO morning sickness...then about the time its supposed to 'go away' I started getting nauseous at night...forunately I've only been sick a handfull of times, and it seems to have subsided again, and we're in week 10 already! :D

Hollie said...

Hey girl...thanks for the comments and the email!

To answer your question, all of those headers that say 'Drama Mama' on them are ones I have used in the past (the one that is black and white except the toddler is my crazy family).

Oh, and I got your comment about shooting that show....very cool! We love anything sports related, so we jump on the opportunity to watch a game live! And you used to live in Las Colinas??! did we!!...that is where we lived for the first few years of our marriage. CARAAAZY! Well, thanks for stopping by...I'm glad I have a new blogging buddy!

I'll say a little pray you win the makeover, ok?! :)

Jennifer said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Misty. CONGRATULATIONS! And Many More!

Love the picture after dinner. Mark's got his wine-perma-grin on!
Have a safe trip to Chicago.

ChristmasQueen said...

Oh those boots look just perfect with that dress & belt...adorable!

I need a pair of boots like that...after all, I'm originally a Texas Girl too!

daniella said...

Your description of the anniversary date night sounded marvelous! You also looked super cute; wearing a little country sundress with cowboy boots is one of my favorite outfits.

Can't wait to hear all about Chicago...and how your hiney froze too!

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