Thursday, February 12, 2009

We love GIVEAWAYS!!!

Remember one of the blog makeovers I did for the Fort Thompson family (all 4 of their blogs).  Well the main blog "Fort Thompson" won a blog makeover, a totally COOL one and after a lot of hard work it is finally up and ready for some love.  Head over there by clicking on the image below and say hi, take a look around, grab their button and then read about a fun giveaway they are having along with Drama Mama.  I love this kind of stuff.  Giveaways, make blogging world fun.  

I am posting this for a couple of reasons.  

A) I have gotten to know the Thompson a little bit, and what a fun and sweet family they truly are.  God Soldiers!! 

B) I REALLY love to see before and after on anything. Its the artistic side in my I think.  Anyways, Drama Mama really pulled it off and did an amazing job on their new look.  My feelings are TOTALLY NOT hurt, for the effort and time I put in on the original Fort Thompson blog....because once you see the new look...IT ROCKS!! Way to go Drama Mama!!!  

C) I so badly need WANT, a blog makeover for my photography blog. It needs a new button, it needs to be a little more professional and needs some major TLC.  So I am following all the rules in hopes to be a WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!! (The Movie 21 - Awesome!)

Anyways, head over there to the Thompson's and say hi, just don't follow the rules down below, because then that means more people to win the makeover that I WANT!  LOL 

Go have some fun! 

As a way of commemorating this occasion on my blog I am doing my first GIVEAWAY! You got it, and the best part about it is this. There are TWO different giveaway's!

The first:

It's an Ultimate Blog Design Makeover by Hollie just like mine. Well not just like mine but something that would fit you and your blog. I have to thank Hollie in advance for allowing me to host this great giveaway. I thought it to be a great idea since it is being done in commemoration of the new look she has done for me. It will give you a chance to see her work and know the unbelievable value of this giveaway! Besides there is nobody else I would rather offer you their services than Hollie.

Here are the details from Hollie on the giveaway:

The giveaway will include an Ultimate Blog Design Makeover w/nav bar (an $80 value).

That includes:
Custom Header (with or w/o picture)
Custom background/layout to match
up to 8 custom matching labels for sidebar
Option of 2 or 3 columns
Custom signature
Custom button to match header

And let me just tell you that everything she does is totally custom.

In addition to The Ultimate Blog Design Makeover I will also have a giveaway for this:

Oh yeah you guessed it! That is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga Collection in hardback form. It is an 85 dollar value! I thought that this would be enticing since there are so many of you out there that are so into this story.

The best part about this entire thing is that you can pick which giveaway you wish to register for. I thought it would be beneficial to give everyone a choice since I know that when I see a giveaway that is something I already have or don't need I just don't register. I wanted you to have a choice, so here it is. Hopefully the things I have chosen will be things that you would enjoy having. You can even split your entries between both if you would like to register for both giveaways. Here are the ways to obtain entries.

Here are the rules to get entered:

Only one giveaway per blog entry. So if you desire to be registered for both then you need to specify on each comment entry which giveaway you want those entries to go to.

1. You must first be a follower of Fort Thompson (2 entries)

After this qualification is met you may add to your entries in the following ways:

2. Posting the new Fort Thompson button to your blog (2 entries)
3. Posting about this giveaway on your blog and linking back to The Fort (2 entries)
4. Posting a link to Fort Thompson in your blog roll (1 entry)
5. Posting The Drama Mama Designs button on your blog (1 entry)

You must leave a comment for each entry so that it can be individually verified as well as which giveaway that entry is to count for. If you are leaving a comment for a requirement that earns more than one entry then please leave info in your comment as to which giveaways each go toward. Any entries that don't have a giveaway specified will not count. So you can have a total of 8 entries and can split them up accordingly among each giveaway based on which ones you are interested in the most. Example all entries on one giveaway or split them evenly, whatever you decide. It's as easy as that folks! So good luck to you all and thanks to all of you who follow Fort Thompson!

3 Personal Thoughts:

Tim said...

Thanks so much for posting this, and I am REALLY glad you like it. I was a little worried that it might bother you, but I am so glad it didnt. All my other blogs I am still VERY proud to say are designed by Misty Rice! Not to mention I made sure to carry some of the things you put in my previous blog into this one. Im sure though that you noticed that.

Love and Prayers to you Always My Friend,


Stewart Family said...

Well, unfortunately I don't know how to do all the things the blog requires (I'm new to the blog world). So, I won't steal your chance :). If you get a chance though I'd love to pay you for a new blog!! I like mine now but it needs some personalization to it! Let me know if you would like to do it!

Stewart Family said...

That would work for me. I just want some pictures on there really. I am going to look through my photos that I have. I'd love to get some great spring looking pics but since we have about 2 feet of snow on the ground that is impossible. I'll see what I have! Thanks, Misty!!

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